Side Bet City – Tips and Tricks

The most recent poker variation to be offered to live casinos hosted by Evolution Gaming is Side Bet City. It does not call for any particular abilities and is based on poker hands. Although you should have a rudimentary understanding of poker hands and their worth.

All you actually need to do is place a wager, or many bets if you choose. You shouldn’t make any moves in order to assemble a Poker hand. You receive exactly what you see on the screen. The cards the dealer deals with are used to form poker hands.

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There is no main or ante bet when it comes to wagers. You can choose to play a single bet or a combination of them. All possible bets are optional.
The 3-Card Hand, 5-Card Hand, 7-Card Hand, and All Lose bets are among them. The potential winning hands are indicated in the lower right area when the cards are dealt. You are notified if you won on your bet(s) or lost money after each round.

Any number of players may join the table and participate in the game simultaneously. It’s just you and the paytable in this game; you don’t play against the dealer.

How Side Bet City is Played?

If you want to win at Side Bet City, you must place a bet on which of the three betting possibilities will result in a poker hand.

Each betting choice offers a different payoff depending on the hand rating for the chance of a 3-Card, 5-Card, or 7-Card hand. You can also bet that none of the three possibilities will constitute a poker hand by placing a bet on all lose bet options.

7 – Card will be dealt by the dealer once your bets have been put. The corresponding bet will pay out if any poker hands can be made with these cards within the designated hand numbers.

For instance, a 3-Card Hand will pay if a 3-card poker hand can be created using the 7 cards. The bet will pay off if a five-card hand can be created, and vice versa.

The bet will also pay off if you place a wager on the All Lose option and no poker hands are created. The dealer will prepare to draw for the following round after all bets have been settled.

Tips & Tricks

3 Card Betting

The most accurate mathematical method is, in fact, to gamble on a three-card hand using Side Bet City. This approach has an RTP of 96.69 percent, higher than the game’s overall RTP. Additionally, this Side Bet City method can result in lucrative rewards, such as 35:1 for a three-of-a-kind.

Of course, putting up a winning combination with three cards is more difficult than with five. As a result, set aside a big bankroll and only wager a tiny portion of it every round. Otherwise, you simply won’t have enough time to see this strategy’s mathematical edge.

5 Card Betting

One may describe betting on 5-card hands as a balanced Side Bet City tactic. You will win more frequently on one side. You can also fight for a 1000:1 jackpot on the opposite side.

But as we now know, a 5-card hand’s RTP is 95.21 percent. As a result, this tactic performs worse than the earlier one in terms of mathematical expectation. If you want to win frequently while maintaining the chance to win large, it makes sense to play with this method. However, the chances are not in your favor.

7 Card Betting

While it could appear that seven cards always result in a winning combination, this is untrue. The lowest RTP in the entire game is 94.34 percent, which applies to the wager on a seven-card hand. Furthermore, winning combinations for this wager begin with three of a kind, with only a 500:1 payoff for a royal flush.

As a result, there is no motivation at all for a player to continue using the Side Bet City method of placing a wager on a hand of seven cards because it is not profitable in any manner.

All Lose Betting

While the RTP of all losses is 96.29 percent which is just behind 3-card betting. Yet the payout is the lowest among all four bettings. This is also a better betting option but the payout is low.

All losses can be used as a safe betting option. You might think of All Lose as a protection wager. For instance, you may wager on a three-card hand and use the All loss bet to safeguard it.

However, betting on All losses alone all the time is actually very boring. It’s comparable to placing a soccer wager on a draw and then watching the game in the hopes that no one scores. Furthermore, you won’t even be able to double your money utilizing this bet in a single round.

Betting on All four

Betting on all four markets at once is pointless because your balance will be zero. At a certain time, you will realize that you are winning less and losing more once you continuously bet on all fours. We certainly do not recommend betting on all fours.

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