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Side Bet City

Side Bet City is a table game developed by Evolution Gaming, a provider of live dealer games to online casinos. The rules of the game are simple: the dealer gives out three cards, then another two to create a five-card hand, and two more to complete a seven-card hand. The player may wager on the poker value of any of the three hands or on all three hands to lose. With the exception of the No Win wager, the game is similar to 3-5-7 Poker with distinct pay tables.

Game Features

Side Bet City is an easy game to play and wager on. The first thing that happens is that bets are placed. Players can wager on the three-card, five-card, seven-card, and all-loss results. It is critical to understand that the 3-card bet is the simplest to win. The 7-card bet follows next, and the 5-card bet has the best odds.

After the bets have been put, the dealer distributes the seven cards, which are all drawn from the same deck. The three-card hand is dealt initially, followed by two sets of two cards. The 5-card and 7-card hands are made up of these.

Players may believe that it is difficult to tell when they have won, but this is not the case. A victory message is displayed as soon as a player’s supported hand wins. The same applies to all winning outcomes, even the All Lose one.

Players are able to support any bet they like or to create their own combinations. This implies that participants can place bets on the 3-card hand as well as the All Lose side bet. The All Lose bet might act as a form of insurance bet in this situation.

As previously stated, supporting the 5-card hands pays the best. This is due to the fact that it is the most difficult choice to correctly estimate.

Finally, the winning card hands are shown on the right side of the screen, which is a pretty good aspect of the game. This informs players when they have a winning hand. Furthermore, while the cards are still being dealt, the display reveals winning hands. As such, it is a really welcome feature, particularly if you are new to the game.

How To Play Side Bet City

Side Bet City is broadcast live from Evolution Gaming’s top-tier European studios. The Side Bet City studio has the appearance and feel of a Miami Vice episode. The studio is decorated with neon lights, 80s memorabilia, and an arcade atmosphere.

The live dealers are likewise suited for the occasion. The male dealers, in particular, resemble Don Johnson and exude a Florida and Miami 80s vibe. This all adds up to a genuine 1980s vibe that is likely to take your mind off of what is going on right now.

Side Bet City has cutting-edge visuals in addition to the studio and dealers looking the part. The various hands and their chances are clearly shown on the right side of the screen. Furthermore, gamers may broaden the live chat option and speak with others by just pressing a button.

Another intriguing aspect of the game is that an infinite number of participants can participate. Side Bet City may be played by an unlimited number of people at the same time.

Finally, Side Bet City is a card game that is completely licensed and controlled. This is due to the fact that it is licensed and controlled by respected regulatory agencies. The Maltese Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission are among them.

Payout (Side Bet City)

Side Bet City is well received because of its payout. There are 4 different payouts due to gameplay style and winning.

For 3 Card Hand

Hand Pays
Royal Flush 100
Straight Flush 40
Three of a Kind 35
Straight 5
Flush 4
Pair 1

For 5 Card Hand

Hand Pays
Royal flush 1000
Straight flush 250
Four of a kind 100
Full house 50
Flush 40
Straight 25
Three of a kind 7
Two pair 4
Pair (jacks or better) 1

For 7 Card Hand

Hand Pays
Royal flush 500
Straight flush 100
Four of a kind 50
Full house 7
Flush 5
Straight 4
Three of a kind 3

For No Card (All Lose) pays 70:1

Return to Player (RTP)

Once again, Side Bet City has the most differential RTPs due to its different betting options and payouts. The RTP for Side Bet City is as follows:
i. 3 Card Hand = 96.69% RTP
ii. 5 Card Hand = 95.21% RTP
iii. 7 Card Hand = 94.34% RTP
iv. No Card (All Lose) = 96.29% RTP

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