• Easy Rules.
  • Live Version Available
  • Fast Paced. Might be too fast for beginners.
  • Lack of casino atmosphere.

This is the official guide to the most popular real money casino game, Dragon Tiger. If you are new to online casinos or online card games in general, stick around.

By the end of this tutorial, you will have a clear picture of the rules of Dragon Tiger casino game, where you can play the game online for real money, and what are the things that you should keep in mind while playing the online game.

Dragon Tiger Casino Game at Baazi247

We provide the live dealer version of Dragon Tiger at Baazi247. If you are unfamiliar with how live casino games and online casino games differ, here is a quick rundown.  

The difference between online and live card games is the absence of dealers in the online version. In the online version, all the rules remain the same, but you play with a computer.

In the live Dragon Tiger, there is a dealer right in front of your screen, dealing you the cards. Here is how the online version of the game looks like:

Dragon Tiger Live Casino Game

The rules of Dragon Tiger have remained the same from the land casinos to the online version.

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Dragon Tiger: Getting Started

As with all the other online casino games, getting started with online Dragon vs Tiger game is easier than you think. Here are the things that you should have before you start:

  • A device to play the game in
  • A stable internet connection
  • Credit Card/E-Wallet
Call to Action

  • Sign Up/Deposit: Every online casino platform will initially ask for you to sign up. Next, you should deposit your fund. Keep in mind that some of the online casino’s games that allow you to compete against a computer might be free to play.
  • Decide your stake: Chip in. Make a sensible decision on how much you should choose as your stake.
  • Place the bets: Bet on the side that you think will win.
  • Game Starts: The dealer will place cards on both the Dragon side as well as the Tiger side.

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Dragon Tiger Rules

Now that you are familiar with the “getting started” part, let’s talk about the rules of Dragon Tiger. Dragon Tiger might be the easiest game you can play at Indian online casinos thanks to its pretty elementary rules.

Here are the basic dragon tiger game rules:

  • You get two cards from the dealer.
  • You can bet which card will get the highest point between Dragon or Tiger
  • Furthermore, you can also bet on a tie.

Every round starts with the dealer drawing two cards from the deck. Before the dealer reveals the card, you must place your bets. You have two main choices:

  • Bet on the Dragon Side
  • Bet on the Tiger Side
Dragon Tiger Live Casino game

After you place your bet, the dealer reveals the card. Here are the outcomes:

You have placed your bet on the Dragon.

  • If the card on the Dragon side gets a higher value, you win.
  • If the card on the Tiger has a higher value, you lose. 

You have placed your bet on the Tiger.

  • If the card on the Dragon has a higher value, you lose. 
  • If the card on the Tiger side has a higher value, you win. 

Furthermore, you can also bet on a tie. However, betting on the tie is discouraged by our experts as there is very little chance of the tie actually occurring.   

King is worth the most in the game of Dragon Tiger. Likewise, Aces are the smallest value card.

You can find out more about the rules of Dragon Tiger here.

Side Bets

Apart from the simple Dragon and Tiger bets, there are additional best available on the game that many might not be familiar with. Side bets are risky than the regular bets. However, they pay out way more.

Here are some more common side betting available:

Suited Tie Bet

In the suited tie bet, you make a bet that the Dragon and Tiger cards are the same in rank and suit. This bet pays out 50:1, and you get back 50% of your bet.

Although the payout is mouth-watering, the chances of suit tie happening are extremely rare. Hence, bet at your own risk.

Higher or Lower

Another common side betting on Dragon Tiger is the higher or lower bet. If you bet on Dragon High or Tiger High, and 8 is dealt, you win the round. However, you lose if any card-lower than 7 is dealt.  

Similarly, if you bet on Dragon Low or Tiger Low, and 6 is dealt, you win the round. However, you lose if any card- higher than 7 is dealt.

Tie Bet

Tie bet, as the name suggests is when you bet that there will be a tie between the two cards. In tie bet, the suite does not matter.

Players get back 50% of their main bet if a tie occurs, and the tie gives a payout of 11:1.

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