• Exciting atmosphere.
  • Two Camera system for better view.
  • Three Variations Available.
  • Players might take some time to understand the rules.
  • Based on Luck more than Skill.

It is not an overstatement when we say online Roulette game is the heart and soul of the casino business. There is just no way people don’t think Roulette when they think about casinos.

Just like how the game is popular on land casinos, similar is the case on online casinos as well.

This is Baazi247’s official guide to getting started with online Roulette. Hopefully, this will act as a tutorial for someone who is just starting journey of online gambling in India and want to earn real money.

Furthermore, we are also hoping intermediates and the experienced gamblers will learn a thing or two about the game from this guide.

Roulette: Introduction

Roulette is one of the oldest table games in the world. Since the game is so popular on casinos, almost all online gambling platforms feature live and online live Roulette games.

One of the reasons why people love Roulette so much is because the game does not use dice or cards for randomization. Instead, you spin a Roulette wheel and hope the balls land on a number or the colour you have bet on.

It is no different when it comes to Baazi247. We get a significant number of Roulette players on a daily basis on our platform who play for real money.

Since we have different types of Roulette available on our platform, the game is one of the most sought out live casino games in our system.

Getting Started: Online Roulette

Getting started with online casino Roulette is easy. If you are already familiar with our other online casino games at Baazi247, you just have to choose Roulette instead of Teen Patti, Blackjack, Andar Bahar or any other similar casino games you are playing.

However, if you are completely new to the world of online casino and gambling, check out our Beginner’s guide on Online casino.

online roulette cta

Roulette (Land vs Online)

Let’s kick things off with what exactly is different between the Online vs Land Roulette casino games.

The atmosphere (with additional friends and strangers) adds to the excitement, which makes Roulette probably the most exciting game to play in a land casino. So, how does this excitement translate to the online version?

You already know how Roulette looks in land casinos, so I won’t talk much about that. Here is how the game looks in the online version with a live dealer:


There is not much of a difference between the land and the online version when it comes to looks and feels. Of course, there are no audiences and additional players in the online version.

However, you will feel right at home with the two-camera system at Baazi247.

There are two variations of Roulette in online casinos:

·       Online Roulette

·       Live Roulette

The main difference between the two formats of the game is the absence of dealers in the online version.

In live Roulette games, there is a live dealer right on your screen. In the online version of the  game however, the spinning of the wheel is controlled by the computer. 

Although the online Roulettes might not win you right away, we are confident that you will have a good time with Roulette’s live dealer games. Not only will there be a live dealer in front of you, but you can also see other dealers around, which provides an immersive gambling experience.

At Baazi247, we have three varieties of Roulette and featured games available:

Single Zero Online Roulette


European Roulette

european roulette table

Live Roulette


Note: For all the beginners -who are just starting out, it is better to start your Roulette journey with the online RNG tables. These Real Number Generators tables are digital with unbiased outcomes. In most of the RNG tables, you don’t need to play with real money. It is the best place for practicing online Roulette before you are actually in front of real dealers. 

european roulette cta

Varieties of Roulette found in Online Casinos

european roulette
European Roulette

american roulette
American Roulette

french roulette
French Roulette

lightning roulette
Lightning Roulette

Furthermore, there are multiple other forms of Roulette available including:

  • Mini Roulette
  • Progressive Roulette
  • Roulette Deluxe
  • 101 Roulette
  • Multi-Ball Roulette
  • Multi-Wheel Roulette


The basic rules of online Roulette are pretty simple. If you have already experienced the game on land casinos, you won’t have much problem getting started right away. Here are the steps involved:

Steps Involved:

  • Arrive at a roulette table with a live dealer.
  • Select your wager:

You can start with small bets. (500)

You can have large bets as well. However, we don’t recommend this for beginners.

  • Place your preferred bets:

Each section on the table has different paying odds.

  • Once you are ready, hit the SPIN button on your screen. The wheel starts spinning the ball in the Roulette.
  • Wait for the wheel to stop spinning. View whether the ball has landed in one of your options.

The rules of Roulette are pretty straightforward. The dealer spins a ball around a spinning wheel with 37 numbers (from 0 to 36). The player has to bet on where the ball might land on the wheel.

Additionally, the numbers are painted red and black (green for zero), and players can also bet on which colour the ball might land on.

Now you know how a game of Roulette completes, now let’s about the odds of the bet. This is where things get tricky. The bets that are available range from simple to complex. Hence, knowing them fully might take you some time.

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Know the Odds of Bets

Bets with 1:1 Odds

roulette bets

1-18: you wager that the ball will land on a number between 1 and 18.

19-36: you wager that the ball will land on a number between 19 and 36.

Even: you wager that the ball will land on an Even number.

Odd: you wager that the ball will land on an Odd number.

Red: you wager that the ball will fall on a Red number.

Black: you wager that the ball will fall on a Black number.

Bets with 2:1 Odds

The whole table is divided into three 12-sections.

  • You wager that the ball will land on a number within the 12 numbers in the section that you have picked.
  • You wager that the ball will land on a number in the three rows of 12 numbers.
  • Finally, you wager that the ball will land on either red or black, or on a specific row or column.

Bet with 35:1 odd

You wager that the ball will land on the exact number that you have picked between 0 and 1-36.

Bet with 17:1 odd

You place your wager on two numbers. Since you have chosen two numbers, your bet is split in half.

Bet with 8:1 odd

  • You place your wager on four numbers.

Bet with 11:1 odd

  • You place your wager on three numbers. Note: One of these numbers has to be 0 or 00.

Some popular betting strategies in online Roulette

There are several strategies and methods to win at Roulette that people implement when playing online. The strategies do not guarantee 100% win, but they do make you depend on a certain blueprint which in turn leads to less rash decisions.

If you ask any professional Roulette players, they will encourage you to stick with a strategy when playing online. Here are some of the more popular strategies that are available for Roulette:  

Martingale Strategy

What the Martingale strategy tells you:

  • Double your bet whenever you lose.
  • After you win, go back to your starting bet amount

Fibonacci Strategy

  • Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21.

Here, each number is the sum of its previous two numbers.

What the Fibonacci strategy tells you:

  • While betting, increase your bet one step at a time- along the sequence if you lose.
  • If you win the bet, move back two numbers (in the sequence).

Labouchere Strategy

What the Labouchere strategy tells you:

  • Suppose a row: 1,2,3,4,5. When betting, add the first number on the row with the last one. 1+5 = 6; hence, 6 will be your first bet.
  • If you win the bet, remove 1 and 5 from the sequence.
  • If you lose, add 6 (1+6 = 7). 7 will be your next bet.

d’Alembert Strategy

What the d’Alembert strategy tells you:

  • If Black has won several times in a row, bet on Red.
  • If Red has won several times in a row, bet on Black.

It is only obvious that players doubt the website they are betting on; it is an online live casino after all. We here at Baazi247 understand why you are hesitant. Hence, we try our best to be an open book. We follow strict privacy regulations for all the financial data that we receive. Our platform believes that the human factor is very much important in an online casino experience. Hence, the proper placement of our HD cameras allows our players to watch the table and the dealer from different angles.

We want you to have a surreal experience with us so that you are the new addition to our long list of regular users. If it is not apparent from our name, we provide 24/7 customer support on our platform.

Don’t miss out on our bonuses for all the newcomers who have just started their journey in the world of online gambling.  

Here are some tips if you have plans to play on Roulette sites other than Baazi247:

  •      Stay Away from the fraud Roulette sites. (Check whether the sites have online gaming licenses).
  •      Make sure that you are betting from the state in India where online gambling is legal.
  •      Roulette is a game of chance. There is no cheat or hacks of the game that guarantees a 100% win. 
  •      Look for welcome bonuses that most online casinos provide for beginners. 
  •      Know the betting rules before you actually start your online gambling journey
  •      Always know how much balance you have. Don’t wager more than you can afford.
  •      Make sure the bank transfer is safe and secured in the online casino.
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