How To Win Side Bet City

Let’s recap: Side Bet City is a new and distinctive game on Baazi247 with several betting choices created by a particular combination of poker card hands in a certain order using a conventional deck of cards. Unlike a poker game, there are no jokers or communal cards. The cards are dealt in a manner similar to traditional card games, with 3 Card Hand, 5 Card Hand, and 7 Card Hand being the most common.

There are 4 possible betting options on the game, them being 3 Card Hand, 5 Card Hand, 7 Card Hand, and finally, No hand. With that being said, In this article, you can know how to win side bet city and some tips to win. So let’s get right on it.

How To Win Side Bet City?

Side Bet City is very easy to understand and play. If you wish to win side bet city, you must do the following:

Know Poker Hand Rules

The part of Side Bet City is based on winning hands of poker. In order to play the game, you must know the poker card hands and know about it. While the dealer places the 7 cards from a shuffled deck, the cards which are present in the exact position for 3 cards, 5 cards, and 7 cards will win if the cards are able to be matched accordingly.

If you want to know more do check our other articles on side bet city, specifically.

Watch for a few times

You cannot absolutely win the game on the first go. You can try your luck and give it a go but watching the game for a few rounds is very helpful. Since the game is fully based on luck but used poker hands (a skill-based game), you can get extremely confused if you don’t know how the game is played.

The dealer used a brand new shuffled deck each time from a shuffling device and places a shoe (cardholder). During this time you can place your bet. After the betting time closed, the dealer then starts to place 7 cards simultaneously. If the cards match the winning hands then on the exactly the betting card hands then you receive the pay accordingly.

Analysis for Bet Payouts and House Edge

Since the game has 4 options to bet, you can see an analysis of the combinations, probabilities, and returns of every betting option.

You too can find out these through the following steps:

  1. Loop through all 22,100 possibilities to select three cards from a deck of 52.
  • If the three-card hand is a winner, multiply the winning combinations by combin(49,2)*combin(47,2)=1,271,256. If you’re a loser, then follow the next step.
  • Loop through all 1,176 possibilities to select two cards from the remaining 49 cards in the deck to combine with the three-card hand to form a five-card hand.
  • Add combin(47,2)=1081 to the lost combinations if the five-card hand is a winner. If you’re a loser, proceed to the next step
  • Loop through all 1,081 possibilities to select two cards from the remaining 47 cards in the deck to combine with the five-card hand to form a seven-card hand.
  • Add one to the losing combinations if the seven-card hand is a winner. If there is a loser, add one to the winning combinations.

If you still find it confusing, check out the analysis we did for each betting option.

                For 3-Card

3 Card Hands
Royal flush10040.0001810.018100
Straight flush40440.0019910.079638
Three of a kind35520.0023530.082353
All other-116,4400.743891-0.743891
Total 22,1001.000000-0.033122

The house edge of 3 Card is 3.31% while the RTP is 96.69%

                For 5-Card

5 Card Hands           
Royal flush100040.0000020.001539
Straight flush250360.0000140.003463
Four of a kind1006240.0002400.024010
Full house503,7440.0014410.072029
Three of a kind754,9120.0211280.147899
Two pair 123,5520.0475390.190156
Pair (jacks or better)1337,9200.1300210.130021
All other-12,062,8600.793725-0.793725

                The house edge of 5 cards is 4.79% while the RTP is 95.41%

                For 7-Card

7 Card Hands
Royal flush5004,3240.0000320.016160
Straight flush10037,2600.0002790.027851
Four of a kind50224,8480.0016810.084034
Full house73,473,1840.0259610.181727
Three of a kind36,461,6200.0482990.144896
All other-1113,355,6600.847300-0.847300
Total 133,784,5601.000000-0.056582

                The house edge of 7 cards is 5.66% while the RTP is 94.34%

                For All Lose

All Lose
No wins0.715,913,035,0720.5664060.396484
At least one win-112,181,722,5280.433594-0.433594
Total 28,094,757,6001.000000-0.037110

                The house edge of All losses is 3.71% while the RTP is 96.29%

Do not bet on all options

Unless you have a lot of money to spare, you should not bet on all options. It might seem that you are winning but in the long run, you are losing more than you are winning. It is a bad option to play and it might cost you more money.


Side Bet City is a very fun game to play. Knowing how to play, it might be one of the best casino games that you played.

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