Side Bet City – Rules and Regulations

side bet city rules & regulations


Side Bet City is one of the unique and new games on Baazi247 which has different betting options made by a special combination of poker card hands in a special order using a standard deck of cards. There are no jokers or community cards similar to a poker game. The cards are dealt in a similar fashion to usual card games and are laid out accordingly to 3 Card Hand, 5 Card Hand, and 7 Card Hand.
Let’s get right on to the Rules and Regulations of Side Bet City.

Rules and Regulation

  1. A single 52-card deck is used to play the game.
  2. All hands are graded in accordance with standard poker rules, which I presume the reader is acquainted with.
  3. There are four options for betting, which are as follows:
    i. 3 Card Hand
    ii. 5 Card Hand
    iii. 7 Card Hand
    iv. No Card (All Lose).
  4. The poker value of the first three cards dealt, as well as the paytable below, will influence the outcome of bets on the 3 Card Hand.
  5. The poker value of the first five cards dealt, as well as the paytable below, will influence the outcome of bets on the 5 Card Hand.
  6. The poker value of all seven cards dealt, as well as the paytable below, will decide the outcome of bets on the 7 Card Hand.
  7. If all three hands lose, the “No Win” bet wins and pays 0.7 to one.

Winning Card Hands

The winning card hands-on Side Bet City is similar to Poker hands. Since in the game, 7 cards are dealt from a standard single deck, the hands are arranged similar to that of a poker game but in an arrangement of 3 Card, 5 Card, and 7 Card.

Card rankings

• Royal Flush – A sequence of cards from the same suit – Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ten.
• Straight Flush – Five cards from the same suit in successive succession.
• Four of a Kind – A card with the same number from each suit.
• Full House – A hand with three of a kind and a pair.
• Flush – All of the cards in the deck are of the same suit.
• Straight – Five consecutive cards
• Three of a Kind – Three cards of the same value
• Two Pairs – two sets of pairs available exclusively on 5-card hands.
• Pair JJ / AA – A pair of Jacks or better, available exclusively on 5-card hands.
• Pair – A pair is two cards with the same value.


The results of Side Bet City are obtained after 7 cards are dealt one by one on betting options available that are 3 Hand, 5 Hand, 7 Hand, and All Lose.

  • 3 Hand Card: Where the first three cards in the deck decide your outcome.
  • 5 Hand Card: Where the first five cards dealt affect your outcome.
  • 7 Hand Card: Where the best five-card hand from all seven cards dealt is selected.
  • All Lose: When you bet that there will be no winning hand.


There are different payouts on Side Bet City. To be specific there are 4 main payouts available. The payouts are listed below:

For 3 Card Hand

Royal Flush100
Straight Flush40
Three of a Kind35

No payouts are available for Four of a Kind, Full House, or Two Pairs because these hands cannot be produced with only three cards as they need 4-5 cards.

5-Card Hand

Royal flush1000
Straight flush250
Four of a kind100
Full house50
Three of a kind7
Two pair4
Pair (jacks or better)1

Any Pair has no payouts since pairings lower than JJ are not paid out.

7-Card Hand

Royal flush500
Straight flush100
Four of a kind50
Full house7
Three of a kind3

Any Pair and Two Pairs are not paid out in a 7-Card Hand.

For All Lose

Lastly, if no card hands match then all lose payouts to 0.7.

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