7 Things that Make or Break Your Live Casino Gaming Experience

Live dealer card games are quite popular at Indian online casinos. Since you get a land-based casino-like environment to some extent, players love playing live casino games for real money more than the online ones. Check out our post on differences between the two versions of the game. While the live dealer casino games are more fun to play, there are a few mistakes that come with it.

Beginners might make mistakes while adjusting to live casino games. Moreover, some of the regular players at online casinos are also often haunted by these mistakes. One of the most common mistakes is: Some people jump into live dealer games without trying out the online casino games first. This is not the right move. With initially playing online casino games, players get used to the game rules, which helps them when playing with a live dealer.

Below, we have discussed some more things that people might be doing wrong while playing a live casino game.


Since there are HD live streams of dealers, a live casino game requires a stable internet connection to work correctly. Beginners and sometimes intermediates don’t check their internet connection before joining a game, which might cause the game to disconnect in between.

Even a good internet connection might sometimes slow down. So, it is always a great idea to check your internet connection before you join a live casino game.

A stable internet connection is also a requirement if you plan to join any online casino. Find out what more do you need to start your online gambling journey.

Try Demos

All online casinos have attractive live dealers. You can interact with the dealers through chats to make your gambling experience more enjoyable. While the interaction feature is a great thing to have, we have seen it affect the concentration and sometimes the player’s flow.

This is one of the reasons why some players opt for demos and online casino games rather than live games. If you get easily distracted, concentrating fully on the game might be an issue. This often happens with naive players who have just started their online casino journey. After a while, you will understand that the dealers are there just to deal you the cards. 

Terms and Conditions

Every online casino has its own T&C. The terms and conditions for a particular live casino game vary according to the online casinos and games. We urge every player to read all the terms and conditions of a particular live game in an online casino before joining a round of live casino games.

The disconnection policy might vary from one casino to another. Players who are used to one casino rule might ignore checking the rules of the next, assuming that the conditions remain the same. The result of this negligence can turn out to be financially significant.


Sticking to a strategy while playing a live casino game goes both ways. On the one hand, sticking to a specific template of strategy is fruitful to players since they already have a system to play every game. On the other hand, sometimes, to win big, one must step out of their comfort zone and discard the strategy they are using.

This Andar Bahar Winning strategy will help you understand what exactly strategies of card games are.

Table Requirements

There are different prerequisites that table games have. Before you pick your table, it is vital to go through various conditions set for the table.

The high-stake tables have different rules than the low stake ones. For example, you can play for only a certain period of time in some high-stake table games.


Players sometimes end up spending more time on live games due to the dealers. There have been multiple cases of people losing more than they intended because they lost track of their time.

Two things to keep in check when playing live games are Bankroll and time spent. With the excitement due to live dealers, some people forget when to quit playing.

Chasing Losses

This applies to all online casino games. Whether it is online casino games or live casino games, people’s tendency to spend more to recoup their prior losses which is a wrong move.

Spending more to cover losses might work in some cases. However, in most cases, it results in more losses.

These were some of the common mistakes that people make while playing live casino games. Also, check out our post on Live Dealers, where we have explained everything you need to know about them.

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