• Easy Rules
  • Exciting in-game bonuses.
  • Different Games to choose from
  • Based on Luck more than Skill

What Are Real Money Scratch Cards?

Real money scratch cards are a type of the typical lottery scratch cards that are sold in convenience stores and gas stations in places where gambling is allowed. The basic idea is to scratch off the top layer of the ticket to reveal the symbols under it. Each card has its own rules.

You may scratch off a specific number of spaces at times, or the whole playing area. From there, you win the matching reward if you possess a specific number of the same symbol. Similar to slot machines, these cards can provide big jackpots and are bought with real money.

Scratch Card games are a simple form of jackpot game that Baazi247 provides. You just need to buy, bet, and scratch to win a hefty sum of money. The game is entirely based on luck, which is the reason why most people enjoy these games more than online casino games.

There are no multiple rules to be learned for each game, and the rules that the game does have are pretty simple to understand. There are different forms of scratch card bets available, and the prizes are set accordingly.

The outcome is determined by RNG (Random Number Generator) software, so there is no way to cheat on the games. Like all the other online casino games and slot games, these are the games of luck.

However, there are some tips and tricks to win scratch card Games that you can implement on your style; for the most part, the games depend on chance, and the outcomes cannot be altered. 

In this official guide, we will cover:

Online Scratch Cards: Getting Started

Getting started with scratch card games online at Baazi247 is pretty easy if you have already enjoyed our other casino games and card games in the past. If you are new to Baazi247, don’t worry- making an account and depositing money is relatively straightforward, and it won’t take much time.

Let’s first begin with what you will need before you join:

  • Device
  • Internet
  • Baazi247 Account
  • Credit Card/E-Wallet  

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Online Scratch Card Terms

Wild Cards- These are special cards to help the players get certain patterns. These symbols can represent any other symbol depending on their position on the reels helping the players to win the jackpot slots.

Scatters- The appearances of certain symbols on the reels at random makes the players eligible for some benefits such as free spins depending on the format of the game chosen.

Bonuses- When the bonus symbol presents itself on the reels in the required pattern, the players win a bonus. This could be a further mini-game or it could be a set of free spins.

Lines– The pre-decided patterns in which the symbols should appear to be eligible for a prize.

Wild Symbols– The symbols that can represent any others provided they are a part of a line. Depending on the game, you could have sticky wilds, stacked wilds, expanding wilds, cascading wilds, or random wilds.

Free Spins– Spins that are on the house and do not use your funds for placing a bet. The winnings continue to be added to your funds.

Bonus Rounds– Get activated through the scatter symbols or other specially featured symbols specific to a game.

Multipliers– Random figures appearing on your reels that multiply your winnings. 

Scatter Symbols– Set off bonus features if three or more of these appear anywhere on the reels.

Gamble feature – Makes an appearance whenever you win a spin. It allows you to guess the outcome of a game. If you get it right, you double your win. If not, you lose your winnings.

AutoPlay– Lets you decide on a set number of spins for a specific bet.

Auto Mode (Auto Play)- Helps you to automate the play with chosen parameters without pressing “Spin” each and every time.

RTP– Return to player rate.

List of Online Scratch Cards Games at Baazi247

Fruit Blast

Fruit blast online game

Fruit Blast is the first scratch card game on the list. You just need to match the fruits to get rewarded. The graphics in this game is beautiful, and the gameplay is smooth.

Fruit blast gameplay
Fruit blast gameplay

7 Piggies 25000

7piggies 25000 online game

7 Piggies 25000 features adorable pigs and piglets released by pragmatic play. You can buy the number of games you want, and you can spend up to 750 rupees, which gives you 50 games. There are offers available of 1, 5, 10, and 25 games.

Panda Gold 50000

panda gold 50000 online game

Panda Gold 50000 features five picks just like the 7 Piggies 25000, but you will have to pay 1.5k for 50 games this time around. The game is panda-themed, and you are treated with cute pandas on various steps of the game.

Diamond Strike 250000


Diamond Strike 250000 is a slot game where you spin to win prizes. The game features fruits and numbers, and players are often treated with free spins and exciting bonuses.

Hot Safari


Spin and match in this safari-themed adventure, which features exciting animals and occasional letters. The game has an impressive layout and exciting animal icons to provide you wildlife experience.

Queen of Gold 10000

queen of gold online casino game

If you are new to Scratch cards, the Queen of Gold 10000 is an excellent game to start today. Since the deals are pretty cheap, you won’t lose significant money. Furthermore, you will get an idea of how the scratch card games look and feel.

Online scratch-offs for real money

Real money scratch cards, once the only property of gas stations and mini markets in states with legal gambling, are now accessible online.

This means that you are never more than a few clicks away from scratching your way to a jackpot, regardless as to where you live. Even better, you’re no longer required to drive to the local store, stand in line, or manually scratch the ticket.

The greatest real money scratch card sites online are the only thing left to worry about. You’re in luck because you’ve found the right place!

Check out The List of Scratch Cards provided by Baazi247

Tips from the Experts

As mentioned earlier, there are no cheats and hacks that help you beat the scratch card games. However, we have collected some tips from the experts to help you get better at the games. Here are some tips to improve your chance of winning:

Make use of the deposit bonuses

There are some exciting bonuses available on Baazi247 for newcomers, as well as the regular players. Scratch games are the perfect place to use the bonuses as the wins and payouts are insane sometimes. This way, you don’t have to spend your real money when starting out.

Look for small payouts.

 Most of the scratch card games have multiple payout options available within a single game. Our experts always advise players to search for small payouts and wait for that jackpot.

Choose the game wisely.

scratch card RTP

There are significant number of games to choose from. Players are often overwhelmed by the number of games which results in them having a hard time choosing what is best for them.

Once you are familiar with RTP (Return to Player), it is easier to make a choice between which game to pick for your next experience. Make sure you are not missing out on games with significant RTP to win real money.

Demo Games are lifesavers.

Before you jump into online scratch card games for real money, always try the demos. This goes to all the games available on Baazi247; not only the scratch card games. Always make sure that you have understood how the game looks and feels. Furthermore, trying the demos of the games ensure that you are not caught by surprise when the game with real money starts.

Start with Small Bets

Starting with smaller bets means you have more chance of winning the prizes with minimum loss.

Try Different Scratch Cards

Don’t just stick to one scratch card game for an extended period. Switch between different games so that you don’t find a singular game mundane and boring.

On a completely different approach, some experts believe that it is a sensible decision to stick to a game for the long run. According to them, the software is programmed so that the wins will come out one way or another if you stay for long.

Three Easy Steps To Play Scratch Cards 

  1. Complete the registration form properly and accurately. 
  2. You won but received no payment for providing incorrect information?
  3. Decide on the payment option that is most convenient for you (they are all secure, so don’t worry!).

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Scratch Card Game Strategy

The Knowing gameplay rules of the Scratch card game is not enough to To win many rewards, you must also be familiar with the Scratch card game strategy that mentioned below.

• The first scratch card game strategy is to never choose low-valued scratch cards, even while playing scratch card games for entertainment. Choose scratch cards instead that cost a little more money.

• Take some time to research the top scratch card offers.

• Always read the details in the Scratch cards free or real money game to understand your chances of winning.

• Purchasing cards in bulk is an additional essential scratch card game strategy. It raises your likelihood of winning an online scratch card.

• Spend time improving your skills with the free Scratch cards game.

• When playing a scratch-off card game for entertainment, be sure to check out the bonus prizes.

• Maintain your sense of reality while playing online real money scratch cards. Play just up to your limit.

• The last scratch card game strategy is to experiment online scratch card game types.

Advantage of Playing Online Scratch Cards for Real Money

  1. Convenient to Buy
  2. No Utensils Needed and No Mess
  3. Scratch Multiple Cards at a Time
  4. Auto-Play Functionality
  5. No Confusion/Human Error
  6. Less Strategy Needed

In Overview

The day when scratch card has established itself as a standard of online gambling. You are no longer required to visit a store or scratch off the cards yourself, nor are you required to live in an area where playing the lottery is legal. You avoid a lot of hassle and a problem by doing this.

Today, all you need to do is find the top sites for real money scratch-off card betting where you can explore other online card games for money. We get in at this point. In order to suggest the finest scratch card sites to our audience, we’ve recommend baazi247 for the well secure and trustworthy online casino games.

The baazi247 websites provide all the features of scratch card gaming, such as the simplicity of the game and lack need for strategy, but with an added level of professionalism.

You just need to choose the site that attracts to you the most and get started. We sure about the information helps you to get some core knowledge about the scratch card game. You’re now ready to engage in this enjoyable and entertaining kind of gaming by placing some real money bets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the more details about each Scratch card?

You can find more information about Scratch cards on the website of the company that produces them or by contacting customer service.

Can I try out Scratch cards for free?

Yes, many online casinos and gaming websites offer free Scratch cards games that allow you to try them out without spending any money.

How do you play scratch cards?

You simply scratch off the protective covering to reveal the hidden symbols or numbers. If you match a winning combination, you win a prize.

Does scratch card pay real money?

Yes, Scratch cards can pay real money depending on the rules and terms of the game.

How do you beat scratch cards?

Scratch cards are games of chance, so there is no surefire way to beat them. However, learning the rules and understanding the odds can help you make more informed decisions when playing.

What is the benefit of scratch card?

Scratch cards offer a quick and easy way to potentially win money with minimal effort or skill required.

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