Evolution Super Andar Bahar is an exciting twist on the popular Asian card game, and it’s made even more thrilling with the addition of special win multipliers. In this online andar bahar game, Evolution has added a fantastic feature that allows players to win big, with the chance of getting a massive 4000x payout if the cards and multipliers work together just right.

To get these exciting multipliers, you can place a side bet, and you can choose to play it alone or alongside the main game. In this detailed review, we’ll show you how to play Evolution Super Andar Bahar step by step. We’ll also provide a video demonstration of different game scenarios and share some helpful tips to increase your chances of winning.

What is the game Super Andar Bahar?

Evolution’s Super Live Andar Bahar is their version of the popular Asian card game Andar Bahar. What makes it special is the addition of multipliers that can boost side bet winnings up to a staggering 4000 times the initial bet. In the main game, a standard deck of 52 playing cards is used.

The first card drawn becomes the ‘joker’, and the objective is for the Andar or Bahar positions to match this card to win. Cards are dealt by the dealer, alternating between Andar and Bahar positions, and the game round concludes when a card matches the Joker’s value.

If the Andar position wins, players receive a payout of 0.9 times their bet, while the Bahar position pays out at a 1:1 ratio to those who bet on it. Alongside the main game are ten side bets, each covering a specific card range dealt up to the point of a match with the Joker. The more cards dealt before a match, the higher the potential payout.

Multipliers are randomly applied to one or more side bets after the betting period but before the dealer starts dealing the cards. In this game, the highest possible multiplier is an impressive 3999 times the original bet, while the lowest is a 9:1 ratio. What makes the Super Andar Bahar game stand out is the ability to focus exclusively on side bets, eliminating the need for a main-hand bet.

Procedures to place the bet

Placing Bets on Super Andar Bahar

You can make bets when it’s time to bet. You can bet on the main hands, Andar or Bahar, and the side bets. If you want, you can only play the side bets and skip the main hand bet. After the betting time ends, some of the side bets get random multipliers.

Selecting the Joker Card

The dealer carefully extracts the uppermost card from the newly shuffled deck. This card takes on the crucial role of the Joker card, which the Andar or Bahar hands must endeavor to correspond with.

Initiating the Card Dealing Procedure

The dealer commences the card distribution by unveiling the second card from the deck, positioning it face-up onto the Andar hand, and subsequently bestowing the third card onto the Bahar hand. The dealer proceeds to execute this sequence of card dispensation to each alternating hand until a convergence is achieved with the Joker card.

The Winning Hand

When a match with the Joker card happens, the game comes to an end. The game’s screen gives money to the players who picked the right hand and also to those who guessed how many cards would be dealt before the match occurred.

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Evolution Andar Bahar Side Bet Options

You have 10 side bets to choose from, and you can bet on as many as you want. These side bets are based on the number of cards dealt. You need to select the range that matches the total number of cards dealt when there’s a match with the joker.

Here are the ranges:

  • 1 to 5 cards pay 2:1 (9:1)
  • 6 to 10 cards pay 3:1 (14:1)
  • 11 to 15 cards pay 4:1 (19:1)
  • 16 to 20 cards pay 5:1 (29:1)
  • 21 to 25 cards pay 8:1 (39:1)
  • 26 to 30 cards pay 12:1 (59:1)
  • 31 to 35 cards pay 20:1 (99:1)
  • 36 to 40 cards pay 40:1 (199:1)
  • 41 to 45 cards pay 110:1 (499:1)
  • 46 to 49 cards pay 800:1 (3999:1)

Side bets are additional wagers you can place alongside your main bet in various casino games, such as blackjack card game, poker, and baccarat. These bets add an extra layer of excitement and potential winnings to your gaming experience.

Side Bet Betting Strategy and Game Statistics for Super Andar Bahar

To enhance the gameplay and increase the excitement, players often use side bets and rely on game statistics. Here, we’ll delve into the side bet betting strategy and game statistics for Super Andar Bahar:

Side Bet Betting Strategy:

Super Andar Bahar Side Bet Betting Strategy

Super Andar Bahar offers various side bets that players can make to increase their chances of winning and add more excitement to the game. Here are some common side bets and strategies associated with them:

First Card Side Bet: This bet involves predicting whether the first card dealt will be of the same rank as the middle card (Joker card excluded). The odds for this bet are usually favorable, making it a popular choice among players. A strategy for this side bet is to analyze previous games to identify patterns in the initial card distribution.

Second Card Side Bet: Similar to the first card side bet, this involves predicting whether the second card dealt will match the middle card’s rank. Again, studying game statistics can help in making informed decisions.

Andar/Bahar Side Bet: This side bet allows you to wager on which side (Andar or Bahar) will receive a card of the same rank as the middle card. Analyzing historical data on which side has been more successful in previous games can inform your bets.

Total Side Bet: In this side bet, you predict the total number of cards of the same rank as the middle card that will be dealt in the game. Careful observation and keeping track of the cards dealt can help you make more accurate predictions.

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Game Statistics

Super Andar Bahar Game Statistics

To develop a successful betting strategy in Super Andar Bahar, you can use game statistics. Here’s how you can analyze and apply these statistics:

Card Distribution: Keep track of the distribution of different card ranks in previous games. If certain ranks are appearing more frequently, you can adjust your side bets accordingly.

Side Comparison: Observe which side (Andar or Bahar) has received more matching cards in recent games. If there’s a trend, you can adjust your bets to favor the more successful side.

Frequency of Matches: Monitor how often the middle card’s rank matches with the cards dealt on the Andar and Bahar sides. If a particular side consistently produces more matches, consider placing your bets there.

Bet Size Adjustments: Based on game statistics, you can adjust your bet sizes. For example, if you notice a hot streak for a particular side bet, you might increase your wager, and if a side is consistently underperforming, you might decrease your bet.


In summary, Evolution Super Andar Bahar is a thrilling adaptation of the popular Asian card game. It introduces exciting win multipliers, offering the potential for substantial 4000x payouts. Players can engage in side bets, focusing on various strategies and game statistics to enhance their experience.

The game’s core concept involves matching cards with the middle card, and side bets add an extra layer of excitement. Players can tailor their approach by analyzing patterns, predicting matches, and adjusting their bet sizes based on historical data.

While luck remains a significant factor, employing these strategies can increase the enjoyment and potential for significant wins in Evolution Super Andar Bahar. Play responsibly and savor the excitement of this unique game.

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