All Beginners Concerns about Andar-Bahar: Solved

Andar-Bahar is one of the most beloved card games not only in India but in all Indian-subcontinent. It is named as various things in various places, but the essence remains the same. Live Andar-Bahar game is among the most played card game here in Baazi247.

They are many articles on this very website about Andar-Bahar, so this article will be sort of a compilation of all of those. We hope to make this your one-stop for all concerns about Andar-Bahar, beginners or otherwise.

With that in mind, let’s go ahead.

What is Andar Bahar?

Let’s start with the soft ones first so that we are all on the same page. Andar Bahar, as mentioned above is one of the most famous card games in India. People play it in the festivals with their family as its rule are particularly easy, grandpa and grandson can enjoy it alike.

Where can I play Andar-Bahar in India?

Many online casino sites facilitate playing on Andar-Bahar real money g ame in India. You should be clear on one thing though, there are as many real and genuine sites as fraudulent ones that will take your money and the site goes under within minutes or that sort of trickery.

Our experts here at Baazi247 strongly recommend opting for online sites like Baazi247 which are registered outside India (remember, Indian law doesn’t permit online casinos, but you can play) and are licensed. Do your research, but please make sure your online site fulfills this. We would of course like you to give us a chance at Baazi247.

Do I need an account to play Andar Bahar?

Well yes, surely you do need an account to play Andar Bahar at any online casino with real money. But here is the good news, we cannot say the same for other sites but here at, we have made it easy for new players to join and it will take you only a couple of minutes.

We have made one nifty little guide for you to follow to open an account at Baazi247.

Please look at the article “Answered: How do I start playing at online casinos?” and follow the step-by-step guide available there. You will then be able to play online games in no time with real money.

What is Live Dealer Andar Bahar?

In online casinos, there are two ways you can play. One is with the live dealer, as in another person is live and dealing you the cards and is being streamed to you from another country. The other one is non-live or what we here in the casino business like to call RNG or Random Number Generator games. It doesn’t have a live person and the cards are dealt with by computer software.

We have compiled an article “Live Casino Vs Random Number Generator: What is the difference?” Please head on there, it’s a couple of minutes read and you will know what they exactly are in more depth.

Also, take a look at this article “9 Live Dealer Tips and Tricks to Win More” once you are confident that you know the rules and are ready for live play.

Remember, knowledge about how things work goes a long way in casinos.

What are Andar Bahar rules?

Before you start playing with real money, make sure you take advantage of free plays to get yourself accustomed to our interface and rules of the game. It is very much important and our experts at Baazi247 cannot stress this enough. Do not go in without having the necessary knowledge about the game and environment. Otherwise, you are just setting up yourself to lose a lot of money.

This article “How to Make Money Playing Andar Bahar at Online Casinos in India” has a great succinct description of the rules with accompanying photographs of real online Andar Bahar play at Baazi247.

Please go through it once.

Can I withdraw my winnings?

Of course, you can. Imagine what kind of casino we would be if we wouldn’t let you take your winnings. Depositing and withdrawing funds is also particularly easy and streamlined for your comfort.

We are sure you will find the process easy once you go through it.

Please read this article “Having a hard time understanding how to deposit and withdraw funds at Baazi247? This article is for you” to get a clear picture.

Can you give me some tips?

Well, it’s gambling. So, if anyone says they have a full-proof way of winning at a gamble, they are either lying or cheating. Having said that, it’s a game nonetheless so it has some strategy.

This article “Some Andar Bahar Winning Strategies to Help you Win Online” would be of some help.

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