A Beginner’s Guide to Online Andar Bahar Game for Real Money


Andar Bahar is a fun card game that is simple to start playing, but you should first have the fundamental concepts down.

The future offers an unknown world with improvement opportunities. That’s what research on anticipation and reflection suggests, and it’s also what gives games of chance their excitement.

The fast pace and simple rules of this game make it more exciting and popular than the other card games. The game gives players an adrenaline rush whether they play for fun or money.

You are here which means you have heard of the Andar Bahar Game at some point and want to learn more about the game. This article will be for all the beginners out there and it will focus on how you can get started at live Andar Bahar real money game.

Beginner's Guide to Andar Bahar

For anyone already familiar with the online variation of the game, you can check out our complete guide on live Andar Bahar game. Here, however, we will cover the basics regarding account creation and fund deposit.

If you haven’t played Andar bahar online cash game in the past, you don’t have to worry- the rules of the game are pretty simple. After just a quick rundown of the rules, you will be ready to begin your online Andar Bahar journey. Let’s start with the few things you will require to get started:

  • Device
  • Internet Connection
  • Credit Card


In most cases, you can play online casino games on all platforms. Most Indian players prefer playing on their mobile devices. However, the games can be played on the web browser as well. The first thing you will need is a device to run the game. If you have a smartphone, you are good to go.

One of the reasons why most Indians prefer playing casino games on their mobile devices is because you can play the game on the go. Since the internet connection through mobile data has improved significantly in the past few years, the number of players who play games on their phones has increased.

If you are someone who travels a lot, we suggest you play the game on your mobile device (smartphone, tablet). However, if you prefer using your PC or laptop, you can do that as well.

Internet Connection

Various online casino sites provide real money casino table games with tons of live casino games and many more casino offers which mean you need to be connected to the internet to play the game. Moreover, most online slot games and arcade games also require an internet connection to run.

Although we highly recommend you to play the games on a WIFI connection, you can also enjoy the games through a stable mobile internet connection.

Cases of people losing their stake money due to bad internet connection are a common occurrence. Due to a lack of stable connection, players are often cut out from the game which results in a bad gaming experience.

Although several casino sites provide offline versions of card games, you cannot play these games for real money.

Credit Card/E-Wallet

Since you are playing with real cash, you will need to deposit certain funds to start playing online casino games. In India, several methods are available for players to deposit funds to their online accounts.

Almost all online casinos accept popular payment gateways like Master Card, Paytm, and NETELLER. Furthermore, players can also deposit the amount directly through their credit card and bank account.

Once you have the three things managed, you are ready to jump into playing the online game of Andar Bahar. After you enter a gambling site, you are expected to make a player’s account. The sign-up process is pretty straightforward.

Join baazi today

The image above shows what you will need to fill in to make an account on Baazi247. You must be above 18 and you must provide your contact information. 

Once the procedure completes, you can login into your account. 

deposit and withdraw baazi247

After you are logged in, you will have to deposit a balance on your account. This is how you can deposit a balance at Baazi247. 

Now that you have everything, you are ready to play Andar Bahar. Baazi247 provides two variations of the live Andar Bahar. 

live nc andar bahar

Furthermore, there is also an online variation of Andar Bahar available at Baazi247.

Andar Bahar Rules

The game can be played with only one player and a dealer or as many players as there is space for. Players in the game’s online versions are simply limited by the specified betting time.

A 52-card standard playing deck is used for the game. The cards are cut and shuffled.

On the cut, a central card may often be exposed and positioned in the center of the playing area.

The central card is dealt after the cut in some variations.

Players bet on whether a matching card will be played on the Andar side of the playing space or the Bahar side after the center card has been dealt.

After bets are placed and the central (middle) card is played, cards are dealt back and forth until the same valued card as the central card is shown.

The order in which the cards are dealt slightly changes the game. The first card is dealt to Bahar if the center card is of the red suit (hearts or diamonds). The first card is dealt to Andar if it is a black suit (clubs or spades).

Bet placing on online Andar Bahar game

After the middle card is dealt, betting begins. The majority of games allow for a minimum and a maximum bet. While the minimum is a set increment, the maximum is cumulative rather than each bet.

Only one betting round is allowed in some games before play continues until a card with the same value is dealt.

Side bet:

Once side bets are being used, these are played either before to or after the deal of the central card.

Included in side bets

  • The central card’s value (placed before the card is dealt)
  • The central card’s suit (placed before the card is dealt)


The casino determines the payouts for side bets, but they are likely to focus on a median set by the chance of each possibility. We’ll talk about that in more detail shortly.

When side bets are offered, they offer the highest payouts.

The side to which the matching card is dealt determines the payout on the main bet. 90% of the stake is returned if the matching card is dealt to the side that matches the suit of the central card. The reward is 100% of the bet if it is played to the other side.


Overall, Andar Bahar games are available at several online casinos that are operated by numerous businesses. They provide various rewards and bonuses for playing, as well as various dealers and graphics.

Before selecting a casino that offers what you want, do some research. Firstly confirm that the casino offers support in your native language. This makes using the systems and reporting any issues you run into easier.

If you’re willing to join real money casino games with the best online casino offers and various bonuses, We recommend you to visit baazi247. The reliable online casino platform and fast customer support with secure gameplay features make it one of the best online casino in india.

The payout tables and the minimum stake in each game are the most major elements. Gambling should be fun, and playing at your own pace in a comfortable setting always increases your enjoyment.

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