Skill-Based Slot Machines at Online Casinos in India

Slot machines are universally loved and played in all online or land casinos. They are entirely based on luck and if you are especially lucky, you can win big. The traditional arcade games or progressive jackpot games are still a big part of online classic slots.

However, a new thing seems to have emerged. Yes, they do exist. We know, it sounds absurd but here we are.

Let’s take a closer look at this new phenomenon that plans on changing how people play slot machines.

Slot machines are notoriously famous for having very few rules and endless fun. You put in the dimes and pull that lever; it is as simple as that. The game is purely based on luck and needs no input from the individual playing the game.

This is where the skill-based slot machines come in. There are various types of slot games that employ the “skill” factor and below is a watered-down example to help you understand the crux.

You are playing the game as you do in traditional slot machines.

At one point, a bonus round appears and you choose between luck and skill.

If you choose “luck”, you get a couple of more spins.

If you choose “skill”, you get specific tasks depending upon the game you are playing and get points from that.

In ways similar to the above, the skill-based slot games try to bring in a little “player factor” into the equation to alter the normal flow.

What Is A Skill-Based Slot Machine

Skill-based slot machines are a new style of slot machine that mixes basic slot play components with video game elements, giving players more influence over the outcome of their plays by combining skills such as hand-eye coordination and strategy.

These games are more engaging and complex, and the outcome is not completely controlled by chance. “Guitar Hero” and “Dance Dance Revolution” are examples of skill-based slot games.

What Are the Types of Online Slot Machines

Progressive Slot: In these slots, a section of each bet goes forward towards a shared jackpot, which increases until it is won.

3D Slots: These are video slots that feature 3D animations and graphics for a more realistic experience.

Fruit Machines: These are classic slots with simple gameplay and fruit symbols.

Multi-Payline Slots: These video slots offer players additional chances to win with each spin because of their multiple paylines.

Megaways Slots: These are video slot machine that frequently has millions of different possibilities to win on each spin.

i-Slots: These video slots are interactive, allowing players to progress through many levels and storylines while they play.

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The Necessity

Well, you might be thinking why do they want to change the slot games? It has worked since ever and there is no need to change something that is working.

Having said that, survey after survey taken by established casinos in the United States hinted that new generations, Gen-Z, and Millennials do not prefer slot machines as much as their earlier generations Gen-X and Baby-Boomer did.

They largely concluded that the generation that grew up with video games with extensive lore and character depth found the slot machines uninteresting. Based entirely on luck, it did not require any skill and no input from the player.

Since they will be the majority of casino clients in the future, the casino gambling industry had to figure out a way to save slot machines.

Hence, the idea of skill-based slot machines. The idea remains the same but they add a little flair to it to make it more appealing to the younger demographic.

Skills Involved

If you were thinking about getting good at slot machines and crushing it, there is some bad news.

The skill factor, even if played right, only alters RTP (Return to Player) by 3-5 percentage points. It takes your input; the game alters slightly but there is no substantial increment in your winning probability.

So, the bottom line is that skill-based slot games are still largely based on luck. It barely affects the chance of a player winning based on their skill.

Why Aren’t Skill-Based Games More Famous?

There are three reasons for this.

Traditional slot machine remains one of the most played games in the casinos. The slot machine rakes in millions of dollars for casinos all over the world.

The people who like slot machines are still around and thriving. There is still a very good market for these machines.

The second reason would be that the concept is still in the developing phase. Many companies and games have tried their flavor of skill-based slot machines so there is no uniformity in rules among them.

The companies are just starting on this and once a pinnacle of development in this niche is reached, the other companies will follow shortly. The winning mantra for skill-based slot machines is still out there and looks like no game or company has found it yet.

The third reason would be the fact that the skill-based slot games produced until this moment are not very awe-inspiring. They are advertised as skill-based but players are often disappointed to find that there is not much skill required after all. Players think of it as a marketing gimmick and get turned off.

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The Future

The future of this market surely looks interesting. Although underdeveloped now, it seems like skill-based slot machines are a much-needed upgrade to traditional slot machines.

They cater to the new generation and are evolving. Whether it would catch on and become the new normal at every modern gambling or be obsolete in the coming years, only time will tell.

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