How to win Dragon Tiger Live casino Game?

Playing Dragon Tiger and winning money is all fun and entertaining until you start losing a massive sum of money in a short period of time. Are you wondering if there are any tips and tricks that can help you win live dragon tiger games? Well, you are not the only one.

After popular demand, our team at Baazi247, India’s number 1 online casino, has come together to prepare this short piece.

Here, we talk about legit ways that can help you win at the online Dragon Tiger card game. All the tips that we have listed here are provided by our experts who have been in the world of online gambling for several years and have years of experience.

There is no any specific dragon tiger live casino hacks or dragon tiger cheat available for real money games but we hope it will helps you to improve your online casino gaming experience. Let’s get started.

Online Dragon Tiger games Overview

Dragon Vs Tiger is similar to online Baccarat India, The game is not complicated at all rather it’s quite easy as their rules are simple to follow.

The game begins after you place your bet on either dragon or tiger within the betting time. The dealer deals two cards, one to the Dragon side and the other to the Tiger side of the table.

The game is won by the person who gets the highest card. As a gambler, all you have to do is put a bet on the Dragon, Tiger, or Tie then whoever will gets the higher card will win the game.


Some things to keep in mind before playing dragon tiger online game

  • King is worth the most in the game of Dragon Tiger real money. Likewise, Aces are the smallest value card.
  • If both Dragon and Tiger side has the same value card, it is a tie.

Online Dragon Tiger game winning Tricks

Now, to why you are here: The dragon tiger tricks or cheat that can help you play Dragon Tiger games. Let’s get some things out of the way first:

Online Dragon Tiger is entirely a chance-based game. You have a 50:50 probability of winning every round, which means no dragon tiger cheats or dragon tiger formula works when you are playing with a live dealer.

This does not mean that there aren’t any strategies that can increase your chance of winning. Here, we will be talking precisely about those dragon tiger game winning tricks which help to increase your winning chances.

If you are new to this game and you want to play and enjoy this game then select our guide on dragon tiger tricks.

Stick to simple Dragon or Tiger

Stick To Simple Dragon Or Tiger

The house edge for Dragon and Tiger bets is 3.73%, which is the lowest of all the possible bets in the game.

What does this mean?

Our experts suggest that the best option in the game is to stick to either Dragon or Tiger bets. You can go as big or small as you want- (this entirely depends on you).

If you are not into suit-based tactics and card counting, sticking to the standard Dragon and Tiger bet might prove to be an excellent move.

Stay Away from Tie Bets In Online Dragon Tiger games

dragon tiger live casino hack

In most of the online casinos, the tie bet pays an 8 to 1. This mouth-watering odd can compel any player to place their bet on a tie. However, most players don’t know that the house edge on this bet is a massive 32.77%.

Rarely do people who place their bet on a tie win. Believe us; we have seen enough. Out of 86,320 total hand combinations, only 6,488 are suitable ties.

This data enough should make you wary of placing a tie bet in a game of Dragon Tiger casino online.

Now, this does not mean that people who place tie side bets never win. If you are extremely lucky, your tie bet might pay off. However, the only thing we ask is, are you willing to take that much risk knowing the odds well enough?

We always recommend to follow legit online dragon game strategy rather than unauthorized dragon tiger cheats or hacks.

Online Dragon Tiger suit based Tactic

Dragon tige tips: Suit-based-Tactic

Making a logical calculation of the number of suits that have been dealt with so far will give you an idea of the remaining suits on the deck. This will make your bet more likely to win. 

Suit-based strategy is another dragon tiger live casino hack that can improve your chance of winning. Keep track of the suits that have been dealt the most. Make sure you are aware of how many suit cards are in play. Moreover, you can also keep track of how many decks have been used.

Some people also suggest counting cards in Dragon Tiger. While this practice is not well-received in the gambling community, if you are excellent at it, go for it.

Betting System Does Not Work


While incorporating a betting system might be a sensible move in other casino games, it does not work in Dragon Tiger live casino games.

As we have already mentioned, the game is entirely based on your luck. That means it is not a game of skill and the betting system might not be the right move.

This might pique your interest: andar bahar winning strategies

Online Dragon Tiger Game Tips from Experts

Fraud Sites

This is our go-to suggestion for anyone who is new to online betting. Before you join a site that promises to provide an online casino experience, make sure that the site is legit.

Furthermore, go through the payment system on the platform to be fully positive that it is not a scam. You can identify whether the site is a legit one or not through some keen observations on the website. Only bet on a licensed online casino platform to play live dragon tiger card games.

We would like to add that, you can play the best live dragon tiger game, and dragon tiger variations as well as other casino games on the best online casino in India and win Indian money.


Since Dragon Tiger is a very fast-paced game, players sometimes have a hard time catching up. The game’s snappy nature has caused players to lose track of time and even their bankroll at times.

While the full focus on the game and dealer’s moves is crucial, players should also have the update of their bankroll in the back of their minds. Don’t let the game’s flow hamper your betting decision and always know when to quit.

Special Offers

In India, the majority of online casino sites have unique deals for new customers. Existing gamers can also take advantage of certain exclusive bonuses. Before you choose a betting site, look over the deals available and see whether you qualify.

The majority of newbies to online gambling lose out on the different platforms’ offerings. For someone who is just getting started, these advantages might be really valuable.

Moreover, on Baazi247, there are new promotions every month that helps to enhance and excel your online gaming experience. Baazi247 has an Indian ambiance dedicated for us Indians to play online real money casino games in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I play Dragon Tiger online?

There are multiple platforms in India to play Dragon Tiger online. You can play on any betting site as long as they are licensed. If you are in search of a platform that provides you with an immersive betting options, then check out our games at Baazi247.

Are online Dragon Tiger games rigged?

If you are playing on a licensed site, the online Dragon Tiger games is a simple game to play. Since the live dealer is right in front of you on the screen, you are able to track the dealer’s every move.

Should I bet on a Tie bet?

Although the Tie bet has a tempting reward, experts advise against playing it owing to the significant house edge. In terms of the house edge, the Suited Tie bet is much worse. It’s your choice, though, if you’re feeling lucky.

We hope this article was helpful in improving your Dragon Tiger experience. If you have any questions, please contact us. And be sure to check out our online casino at Baazi247!

Are there any dragon tiger cheat?

So, far there are no any known proved dragon tiger cheats except for tricks.

How to hack dragon tiger game?

No, You cant hack dragon tiger game. There are no known hacks and if you are caught using any sort of cheats or bugs to hack it, then your account will be terminated.

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