4 Myths about Slot Machine Games in Casinos: Debunked

Slot machine and slot games are the part of the casino sphere ever since their inception. Two things come to mind when most people think of casinos, Roulette wheel, and Slot Machines.

Slots are a great way to bide your time and win big amounts wagering only a little. Slots are the most loved game in most of the online real money casino games sites.

With such popularity, it comes as no surprise to anybody to know that several myths are surrounding the game. From how the slot machines are rigged to how you can rig it in your favor, there are myths about virtually everything.

In this article, we will look at five such major myths and debunk them, once in for all.

With that out of the way, let’s get into our major topic, myths about slot games and slot machines.

Casinos Control Slot Machines

Let’s start with this myth that is widely circulated and that many people believe. To bring everyone onto the same page, people believe that casinos remotely control slot machines. They are what people called “hot machines”; the machines that casino has “turned on” for people to win in it.

This is nonsense. The casino declares beforehand the return to player (RTP). This means that for every dollar, this is the maximum that a player gets in return. This means casinos have made sure they get their cut anyway. The moment you put that coin in, casinos have made their money.

As a result, it makes little to no sense that casinos would spend time and money employing people to watch different slot machines and change their “warmth” in a hot or cold direction.

The slot machine runs on random number generators, as do online slots. They cannot rig it nor they need a reason to.

Sneak in and Win

This is another myth that you have probably heard if you are into slots. For those who don’t know, this “technique” suggests that every slot machine is due for a win or a jackpot after a certain number of plays.

For example, David plays 20 hands in slot machine A without any luck. David then frustrated moves on to other slot machines or live casino online games. John will now sneak in the slot that David has unsuccessfully tried for 20 hands because John believes that slot machine A is now due for a win.

As we have established earlier, slot machines payout only the amount that they are designed to. When it pays out, however, is a different story.

It depends on the again, the RNGs. Yes, the slot machine will payout eventually, but John could be in there at slot machine A for 60 hands and there is a good chance that there still won’t be a payout.

This idea that you can somehow time the slot machine perfectly is not based on fact. You won’t in most cases and if you do, well Congratulations.

Lever Slots > Spin Button Slots

Here is another hilarious myth with which we won’t waste your time. If you read this far, then you must have gotten some kind of idea of how the slot machine works.

This myth that you need to pull the lever to win and spin button slots are a loser’s gambit isn’t based on anything.

It probably stems from the fact that old slots had levers and newer ones don’t. People of course believe how things were better in the past. How they used to win a ton of money when they went to state fairs and played slot machines with their dad. Now they believe it all spin buttons fault.

It may be also because people feel they will have a bigger impact on the machine when they physically exert more pressure on it. More force is exerted with the lever than by pushing the meager button.

Whatever might be the case, it doesn’t matter. Pull the lever or push the button, the internal mechanisms of the slot machines are all the same.

Progressive Slots Games: The Best Slots

Yes, this is the myth that people buy into instantly. Progressive slots put some percentage of the money in the jackpot with every hand a player loses.

This common pool keeps on getting large until somebody claims it. If somebody wins the jackpot, it will again start from zero.

With the potential of winning an outrageous amount of money, people believe that only progressive slots are worth playing.

However, people conveniently forget that sometimes these jackpots go unclaimed for more than a year or two. The odds of any single person winning this is huge. Hence, no it is not the best slot that people seem to believe it is.

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These were four wide circulated myths about Slot Games.

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