Similar Card Games to Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is one of the most popular online live casino games that originated in India, Bangalore. The game is become more popular because of its easy simple rules and exciting features.

It is no surprise to anybody that online Andar Bahar game is one of the most played online card games for money in Indian casinos and Baazi247 is no exception.

Not only in online casinos but Andar Bahar is played extensively in land-based casinos too. Overall, it is a pretty beloved card game.

Here, we will look at what other card games are available for you that are pretty similar to Andar Bahar Live Casino but not quite like it.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to deposit any money to play games at first. The bonuses will come in handy. See if you like things and then decide if you want to deposit.

You need to Avoid these 6 Mistakes While Playing Online Andar Bahar Game


The dealer in Andar Bahar deals with one card face in the center of the table. Basically, there are 2 groups in this game, “Andar” and “Bahar”.

Then, the player placed their bet on Andar (inside) or The Bahar ( outside). Now dealer sequentially deals cards to each of the two betting groups, dealer starts with the group “Andar”. If the dealer hands the group a card with the same number as the middle one, players win the round. 

With that out of the way, Here are a few Indian real money card games that will closely resemble the online Andar Bahar experience.


Katti is the most similar game to Andar Bahar, with only a few differences. In addition, Katti has several players as opposed to Andar Bahar, which offers two different types of bets.

The player can select Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside) for a card that they were dealt from the 13 cards dealt face-up by the dealer.

At this point, things become a little tricky. The dealer deals the 14th card, which functions as the indicator card, once the bets have been placed.

The word “indicator” was created because the winning side is decided by the color of this particular card. If an indicator card is black, The winning side for the first car will be on the same side as the players’ bet, while the opposite is the case if the indicator card is red.

Dragon Tiger Game

Live Dragon Tiger
Play Live Dragon Tiger in india’s best online casino.

If some game made it in the list of games similar to Andar Bahar, then that game is pretty easy to figure out and play. However, people often think that easy card-betting games are not worth it. To that, we say, to each their own.

Sometimes people want to lay back, just bet on things and try their luck without any thinking or strategy. Other times people want to play games that involve strategic thinking. It’s wonderful that we have got choices to do either.

That’s where Live Dragon Tiger casino online comes in. This game is very easy to play and figure out even if you are hearing its name for the first time.

How is it Similar to Andar Bahar Online Cash Game?

Here are how things work in Dragon Tiger:

  1. There is a dealer. Your regular dealer that deals the card. There is you, the player, that makes the bet.

2. There are two sides, the Dragon side, and the Tiger side. Think Andar and Bahar.

3. Players bet on either Dragon winning or the Tiger winning.

4. Dealer stops taking the bet and deals dragon and tiger a card each.

5. Whichever card is greater, wins.

And don’t forget. You can also bet on draws. They have much greater odds and if that gamble pays off, a lot of money is won.

Say both Dragon and Tiger get 5. It’s a draw. The bets on both dragon and tiger are lost. Only the draw bets win.

See how easy that is? That is precisely the reason why we have thousands of online players playing Dragon Tiger right now on Baazi247.

Also, look up Andar Bahar live game guide

Rock Paper Scissors Online

The three-hand forms of rock, paper, and scissors are used in the classic hand game of Rock Paper Scissors. There are 24 cards are categorized into 3 groups, each representing one of the three hands in the Rock Paper Scissors in the online casino version of this game.

Players place bets on which symbols they believe will be better compared to the symbol on the dealer’s hand after the cards have been divided. Along with the winner is determined immediately after the dealer hands over the cards.

The game is easy to understand, and the ranks are as given below:

  • Paper beats the rock
  • Scissors beat the paper
  • Rock beats the scissors


baccarat live

baccarat card game is pretty similar to Andar Bahar and Dragon Tiger but it has more things than those two games. More things in the sense that it is not as straightforward as the other two.

Baccarat is famous all over the world and there would be a Baccarat table at any casino that’s worth its salt, all over the world.

It has many variations that go by the name of Punto Banco in Cuba, Chemin de Fer in France among many others. No surprise it’s James Bonds’ favorite game.

Here are the things you should know to Play Baccarat:

First, let’s understand the value of each card. Cards from 2-9 are valued at their face values. That means, 2 equals two and 5 equals five.

Cards 10, Jack(J), Queen(Q), and King(K) all are valued at zero.

Ace(A) is valued at one.

Now, if you have played Andar-Bahar before, Baccarat is very similar to that. Andar-Bahar is just watered-down Baccarat.

As there are an Andar side and Bahar side in the game of Andar-Bahar, Baccarat has a Player Side and the Banker side.

So, we make a wager on either the Player’s side winning or the Banker’s side winning. Just like in Dragon-Tiger, you can bet on Tie too.

How Is It Similar To Andar Bahar Online?

A dealer deals with two cards each to both Player and Banker.

The goal of the game is to reach 9 or closer to 9 after summing up the two cards.

Let’s take a look at one quick example. The dealer deals two cards to the Player and Banker each. The Banker has a 6 and a 3 while the player has a Queen and an 8.

So, for the Banker, it is 6+3=9, and for the Player, it is 0+8=8. Remember 10 and face cards are valued zero.

Since Banker is 9 and Player is 8, Banker wins.

So that was the description of two games that are similar to Andar Bahar. If you want a similar version, opt for Dragon Tiger, if you want a slightly more complex one and challenge yourself, go for Baccarat.


The Andar Bahar card game is far more understanding in terms of the skill level required to play than other live dealer card games such as bridge and poker card games.

Andar Bahar is purely a game of chance with no way to use skill to have an advantage over other players.

Andar Bahar is the ideal game for you if you’re looking for fewer complications and pressures of challenging games like other card games. You just need to know the basic Andar Bahar strategies before joining for real money cash game play.

There are several Andar Bahar online cash game alternatives available at baazi247. We also have games like Teen Patti, and Roulette with many slot games and arcade games.

So, come on down and sign up today to get real money online casino gaming experience with us.


Can I Play Live Andar Bahar Game From India?

Sure, you can! Andar Bahar real money game is available in many Indian online casinos. You can play Andar Bahar online cash game at baazi247 which is the best online casino in India for real money.

What Is Joker Card In Andar Bahar Real Cash Game?

If the Joker is dealt as the first card, the first bet will be paid out at even money, and the second bet will be paid out at a rate of 25% of the stake. Following this, winnings are paid out at even money, or one time the opening stakes.

How Many Cards Are There In Andar Bahar?


A regular 52-card deck is played in the Andar Bahar online cash game.

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