5 Myths about Scratch Cards: Debunked

Scratch card games or scratch-offs are very popular on both online and offline platforms. These games are being reinvented every now and then to cater to people with different tastes. Whatever the reinvention might be, the essence of Scratch Card games online is not lost. On online platforms like Baazi247, you find the scratch card games that are slot games, and they are fan favorites.

In this article, we will try to debunk the myths surrounding scratch card games.

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With that out of the way, let’s see the myth of scratch card games.

Myth #1: Scratch Cards are not Fun

There it is. The biggest myth out there is that scratch card games are not fun. First off, “fun” is subjective. Its definition varies from person to person. Sure, scratch cards are not fun if you are a high roller wagering thousands of rupees in Baccarat. But if you are anything like most of us, that gamble for recreation purposes then scratch cards are definitely fun.

The prizes, the expectation, the dopamine hit when you scratch the coupon in hand or virtually in online casinos, it is all worth it.

So don’t let anyone tell you what is fun and what isn’t.

Myth #2: Scratch Cards are Rigged

Well, they most certainly aren’t. Don’t take my word for it, take the word of the casinos.

Every online scratch card game has a fixed RTP or Return to Player. The RTP varies from game to game. So, here you have a scenario where the casinos themselves are declaring how much they get in return from a certain game. So, there is no logic in going ahead and saying that the games are rigged. If you consider casinos making money from the games we play to be rigged, then sure, scratch card games are rigged too.

Myth #3: They are all the same

Here is another myth. People consider that the online scratch card games are all the same. That is like going to Disneyland and saying that all rides are the same. Sure, every ride has some form of speed and gravity acting against you but that doesn’t mean a roller coaster is the same as a merry-go-round.

Similarly, in scratch card games, the core remains the same. The fact that you scratch something and based on the combination of what you scratched, you will win or lose. However, the games have different themes and different wagering requirements, and different winning percentages.

Myth #4: Scratch Cards Win You No Money

Here is another myth that most people buy into. It’s that the scratch cards are very cheap to play and therefore, they do not win you any money.

Well, one thing is true for sure. It’s that the scratch card games are one of the cheapest games there are in online casinos. You can enjoy them thoroughly if you have a little money. That part is absolutely true.

But the part which suggests that scratch card games are a fool’s gambit because they don’t make anybody money is blatantly false.

In gambling, the dealer lets you wager money on a happening of the event. The dealer also gives you odd. Like 1:2. That means if you wager 10 bucks for the happening of the event, you get 20 bucks in return.

Therefore, scratch card games offer you similar odds. If you go ahead and wager big you surely get a big return.

Hence, you need to wager money to win money. That is true for every casino game on this planet and it is true for scratch card games too.

Myth #5: Free Scratches are Worthless

Here is another biggie. The believers of this myth believe that free scratches or bonus scratches that the house gives you after you sign up or during promotions are worthless and do not win you money.

Free scratch and promotions are mainly used by the casinos for promotional reasons or to make players comfortable and letting them try the games for free.

You could say, free scratch, bonus rounds are the casino version of Netflix’s one month free. Why do they do that? It’s so that the users feel comfortable using the service and see for themselves that the thing is worth paying for.

There is absolutely no evidence to support this claim. People have won many times playing the bonus scratch.

So, those are the five major myths about scratch card games. If that made you want to play the game yourself, then head on down to Baazi247.

Baazi247 is the licensed casino, and our license provider is Malta Gambling Authority.

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