List of Scratch Cards provided by Baazi247

At Baazi247, we offer a large number of games that you may not have time to explore at once. This large number of choices may make it difficult to choose the game to play. Keeping that in mind, we’ve made a list of the Card games we offer along with an introduction to help you choose the most enjoyable games.

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Fruit Blast

Fruit Blast is one of the most fan-favorite scratch card games in Baazi247. As the name, it is based on a fruit theme and is a progressive scratch card game. It is progressive in terms of the user interacting with the game as it allows the swipe function to create a new match in comparison to the old traditional scratch card were, you scratch off the ink ribbon covering the information from which you can get lucky.

But in fruit blast, you create your luck.

Baazi247 recommends Fruit Blast.

7 Piggies 25,000

7 Piggies 25,000 is a traditional scratch card re-visited by online and modern technologies. It is based on lucky and funky piggies which on discovery could lead to a gold mine or else you’ll visit the pigsty.

Here, you can buy the scratch card according to your wish and scratch off the digital ink ribbon. Scratch off the ribbon using a mouse or touch-based on your device.

Panda Gold 50000

Yes, Panda Gold is a panda-themed scratch card game that is adored by everyone. The cute pandas are the source of fortune. Similar to 7 Piggy but a bit stepped up as the cards are a bit costly than in 7 piggies.

The great thing about Panda Gold 50000 is that panda gold pays out at high rewards in comparison to other scratch card games.

Panda Gold 50000 is what we call the game where you redeem your luck and live your life on fortunes.

Diamond Strike 250000

This is Diamond Strike 250000 which is a scratch card cum slot game that helps you to scratch off the items after the slot match. It has a higher payout than other games and would be enjoyable to play as the slots derive the scratch cards and create a portal to fortune.

Hot Safari

Hot Safari is an African-themed spin-off scratch card cum slot game that is similar to Diamond Strike 250000. Yes, the graphics and the gameplay are more fun and enjoyable. In Hot Safari, many animals are searching for you but the lion as “King of The Jungle” comes roaring towards you. Not to be afraid as the Lion are harmless and in your favor. More Lions coming towards you means more fortune is on your way.

Queen of Gold 100000

Queen of Gold 100000 is the Egypt-themed scratch card game. We recommend this game as this game is for the beginners who come for Scratch Cards which is the best pick as this cheapest in cost and can teach you the whole concept of scratch card games.

Play and learn through Queen of Gold and increase your knowledge. You can use this game as your stepping-up method for Scratch card games. 

Now that you know about scratch cards what are you waiting for, head to Baazi247 and start scratching.

If you are still unsure about how to get best at scratch card games, do check out Tips and Tricks to Win Scratch Card Games at Online Casinos to get better at Scratch Cards.

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