A Complete Guide to Playing Mega Ball Games Online

Mega Ball may appear distinct from traditional bingo, but it’s a captivating game. Discover how to play Mega Ball online, an exciting live casino game brought to you by Evolution Gaming. Instead of the typical bingo setup, it employs 51 vibrantly numbered Bingo Baazi balls, all swirling within a unique machine. During every round, the host selects 21 of these balls, offering the chance to win substantial prizes, with the potential to multiply your bet by a staggering millionfold!

Instead of betting on specific numbers, you place your bet on cards that already have numbers on them. During the game, you just hang onto these cards. The dealer then draws numbers, and if they match the numbers on your cards, they get marked. To win, all you need to do is make a straight line with five marked numbers on one card.

How do I play Mega Ball online?

To start playing Mega Ball, follow these steps:

Access Mega Ball: 

To play mega ball online, go to your preferred online casino and navigate to the live casino section. Look for Mega Ball, and click on it to open the game. Once you’ve selected it, wait for the game to load. You’ll be greeted by Evolution Gaming’s live studio, where the game host will introduce Mega Ball.

Place Your Bets: 

After the game opens, you can place your bets. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll find options to adjust your bet value. This is the amount you’ll wager for each card you buy. The minimum bet could be from INR.1, while the maximum is INR 100.

Buy Your Cards: 

Once you’ve set your desired bet value, you need to purchase the number of cards you want to play with in the upcoming round. To learn how to play Mega Ball, you can choose to play with as few as one card or as many as 200 cards per game.

The Drawing of Balls

In Mega Ball, 20 winning numbers are drawn from the pool of 51 balls. As these numbers are drawn, they’ll automatically be marked on your cards. To win, you need to complete an entire row on one of your cards, and the more rows you complete, the larger your prize.

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Highlighted Winning Numbers: 

The numbers you need to win when you play Mega Ball will be highlighted above your cards, along with the potential winnings if these numbers are drawn.

Multiplier Discovery:

After all 20 winning numbers are revealed, a multiplier is determined using a large wheel. This multiplier can range from a minimum of 5x to a maximum of 100x. This multiplier is applied to the Mega Ball number drawn next.

Drawing the Mega Ball: 

Following the multiplier selection, the Mega Ball number is drawn. If this Mega Ball number completes one or more rows on your cards, your winnings will be multiplied by the previously determined multiplier.

Payouts and Next Game:

After the Mega Ball is drawn, all winners who play Mega Ball will receive their winnings, and the game proceeds to the next round.

Payouts on Mega Ball

In Mega Ball, the amount you win when you play Mega Ball is determined by the number of lines completed on your cards. Each card contains 24 numbers and the potential for 12 lines. Interestingly, the central spot on all cards is empty, yet it’s still possible to create a line that passes through it. The payout you receive for a single card when you play Mega Ball is based on how many lines are formed on that specific card.

Number of lines per cardPayOut
1 line1x
2 lines5x
3 lines50x
4 lines250x
5 lines1,000x
6 lines or more10,000x

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Tips for playing Mega Ball

What makes Mega Ball enjoyable is that you don’t need any special skills to play. The game treats everyone fairly, giving both beginners and experienced players an equal shot at winning. Still, there are a few helpful tips to make sure you have the best possible time. Here are some Mega Ball tips that can improve your overall experience with the game:

Try with a low number of cards at a time:

Online Mega Ball games often allow you to purchase up to 200 cards to play Mega Ball for a single round. Nevertheless, this is not a cost-effective approach. Instead, opt to play Mega Ball with just a few cards with modest bets on each. By doing so, you can enjoy more extended gameplay without consistently spending large sums of money in each round.

Focus on managing your betting budget:

It can be easy to overlook how much you’re investing in a game when you’re keeping track of your bets. For instance, spending INR 50 on each card might appear harmless, but if you’re buying five cards every round, that adds up to INR 250 for every set of 20 balls drawn. Remember this when setting your spending boundaries.

Try your lucky number:

Take note of your favorite numbers and consider choosing cards during the betting phase that feature some or all of these numbers. It’s a good strategy to purchase a limited number of cards, ideally fewer than 10, as this makes it easier to keep tabs on the numbers and increases your chances of hitting your lucky numbers.

The Mega Ball Martingale:

The Martingale strategy, originally designed for roulette, is a well-known approach to play Mega Ball. Here’s how it works: whenever you lose a round while playing Mega Ball, double your bet for the next one. The idea is that when you eventually win, you’ll recover your previous losses.

To use this strategy in Mega Ball, decide on the number of cards and your initial bet amount. When you experience a loss across all your bets, double the total bet amount on all your cards. Once you secure a win, revert to your original bet amount and repeat the process. The reverse Martingale is the same concept, but it’s the opposite: you decrease your bet after a loss until you win, aiming to minimize losses.


In conclusion, Mega Ball is a thrilling and unique live casino game to play Mega Ball that combines elements of bingo with its own exciting twists. It offers a chance to win big, with the potential to multiply your winnings substantially. To get started, follow the simple steps outlined in our guide.

Remember, your winnings in Mega Ball depend on completing lines on your cards, and there are strategies you can employ to enhance your experience. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned player, Mega Ball welcomes everyone with an equal chance to enjoy the game.

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