Bingo Baazi

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Baazi247, the best online casino in India is proud and pleased to announce the first-ever Bingo Baazi.

The first-ever Bingo tournament with excitement and entertainment beyond anyone’s imagination. So stick till the end to know more and be the winner of the First-ever Bingo Baazi.

What is Bingo Baazi?

Bingo Baazi is a Live bingo tournament that is starting here in Baazi247. This is the 1st time this tournament is going to be held at Baazi247 after the completion of the successful event “Lambi Race Tagda Price”.

About Bingo Baazi

It is a live tournament that is going to be held every Sunday for 6 months with a prize pool of ₹ 1,00,000 which can be increased if no winners get the bingo on a particular week. The whole game is going to be conducted with you being behind your devices whereas we will be at our headquarters.

How is the Game played?

  • The Game is played in Roulette.
  • The cost of a Bingo ticket is Rs.100.
  • You can select 9 (Nine) numbers from 0 to 36 (A total of 37 numbers to select from).
  • (Note:- You cannot select the same number more than 1 time.)
  • There will be a total of 9 spins in the Roulette. If the number is repeated then the spin is done again.
  • There will be additional 5 spins if no players get the bingo number.
  • Even after all of the spins, if there are still no winners then, the prize will be added to next week, increasing the prize pool.

How Can I participate?

To participate it is very simple. You need to have an account on Baazi247. The minimum deposit required is Rs.1000 in your account.

The Bingo tickets are available on every day but on Sundays before 7 pm.

You are allowed to buy as many tickets as you wish and select the number according to your wish.

Once you select a number, there is no specific order in which the numbers must appear. i.e. If you have selected “123456789” and if the lucky draw appears as 457896132 then you are considered as a winner.

The deposit should be done via our customer service and the format is 50-50%. To be more specific if you want to buy 5 Bingo Tickets, then you must deposit Rs1000 in our account such that you are eligible for 5 bingo tickets and the rest goes in your Baazi account.

What are the benefits?

Unlike other previous promotions in Baazi247, there are no restrictions to buy tickets. You can buy as much as you like which increases the probability of winning the weekly prize.

Additionally, we at Baazi247 have decided that all the prices of tickets are to be added in the prize pool.

The greatest benefit of Bingo Baazi is that there is no specific order in which the numbers must appear in the lucky draw.

If there are no winners in a week then, the prize pool will be added to the next week increasing the total sum of the prize next week.

What is the prize?

As said previously, the prize pool initially started from ₹ 20,000 which now effectively increased to ₹ 1,00,000 from 28th August and now keeps on increasing as the more tickets are sold the more amount is added.

Also if a winner cannot be selected in a particular week, then the prize will be added to next week.

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