How reliable are online casinos in India?

With the recent Corona outbreak, more and more people are shifting to online casino games for gambling experience. Although the number of online players has increased in recent times, many might not know that the online casino business has been here for many years. In India alone, millions of players enjoy popular online casino games like Teen Patti and on Andar Bahar online a regular basis.

We love doubting everything and hence being a little bit wary about online casinos is completely fair. While most legal casinos in India are safe to play in, monthly news of people falling victims to fraud gambling sites often gives online gambling a bad press.

This article will give you a clear idea about the state of online casinos in India. Furthermore, we will also talk about how you can stay away from fraud ones.

Are Online Casinos Reliable?

So, the answer to the question is- yes, online casinos in India are reliable. However, this does not apply to all Indian casinos available on the internet. Here are some things you can check before you make an account on a gambling site:

  • Does the site have a gambling license?
  • Does the platform use accredited game software?
  • Does the online casino have 24/7 customer support?
  • Does the site have good graphics and interface?
  • Does the platform use safe and well-known payment gateways?

These kinds of news are not something new in India. Every month, there are reports of people getting scammed by fraud betting and gambling sites. Although there is no way to remove all the fraud sites from the internet, we can do our best to avoid those platforms from our side.

Don’t let the news article above scare you off. Just because there are some fraud sites online, it does not mean that you can’t have an amazing online gambling experience. There are several online gambling sites on the internet. Moreover, many casino platforms are based in India. At Indian online casinos, you can:

  • Play popular Indian card games.
  • Play with Indian rupees.
  • Deposit funds through your credit cards and bank accounts.
  • Enjoy Indian game interfaces.

So, the bottom line is this: Online casinos in India are safe to play in as long as you are on a legit site. Additionally, doing a quick bit of individual research before joining a site is essential for every online player.

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