How do Fraud online casinos Operate?

You have heard of people getting arrested for running illegal online casinos in India. The number of people setting up fraud online casino sites and running unlicensed casino games is on the rise. Every month, players who don’t know better fall victim to such frauds and lose their hard-earned cash. So, what could we do to solve this problem? One of the things that players can do is- they can understand the actual process by which these casinos run. With them knowing the operation tactics of such casinos, players can easily avoid falling into their traps.

Here, we will discuss in detail how these fraud casinos work. We will start with how they grab player’s attention and later move to how they take money from players.

Getting Players

This is the most important part for any casino- fraud or legit. While legal and legit casinos increase their audience through marketing or other means, fraud online casinos create schemes that are too good to be true. Furthermore, some casinos even lead players to register on their website in order to be eligible to win certain prizes.

Players should be able to distinguish between good promotion and a fake one. Always read the terms and conditions of the promotions that are available in casinos. If the prizes and gifts on the promotion seem too good to be true be wary of participating.

Website Graphics

Once the casinos get the players, the next step for them is to make the players deposit money on their account. In most cases, players can easily distinguish between a fake online casino and a legit one through the graphics. If the graphics look and feel sketchy- get out of there.

Since online casinos have been around for long- so have the fake ones. They have learned to adapt to the complications they face. Nowadays, even some of the fake casinos feature impressive graphics.

New online players being drawn by the exciting promotion offers are even more excited once they see the impressive graphics of the online site. They are now not that hesitant to load money into their account.

Loading Money

Most online casinos allow players to load money directly through their bank account or through any other payment gateways. This is where fraud casinos take money from the players. Once players load money to their desired account, they stop picking up the depositor’s phone. Players can’t do anything as there are no other direct ways to contact these sites.

The fraud sites are nowhere to be seen after 2-3 days. They change their domain name to start their other schemes to take money from other people.

These fraud casinos are usually operated by a small group of people. They need developers to create sites as well as designers to create the graphics.

Sports Betting

Sports betting on the other hand does not even require a complete site. People operate these sports betting businesses through a simple Facebook and Instagram page.

Firstly, they determine their target audience- people who have shown interest in gambling and sports betting in the past. This can easily be done by going through people’s social media.

Next, they send invitations to join their betting schemes. Gullible people don’t check the past activities of the pages because they are blinded by the attractive offers that the pages have provided.  

Money Laundering

Online casinos have been accused of aiding in money laundering. Since most casinos support anonymity, the platforms have been a great place for people to launder money. Although necessary steps have been taken by some casinos, some are still behind in this regard.

Many launder money through online gambling sites to skip paying taxes to the government.

This was about how online gambling sites operate. Operation of regular gambling is a whole other story. The illegal gambling rings feature a head bookmaker alongside several other individuals. Like the online gambling groups, the number of individuals in these groups are not that many.  They come in contact with the gamblers through telephone or through online mediums. Since there are no laws and most people involved are using black money, people bet in millions in these sorts of businesses. This shows how people are tempted to run illegal gambling. Even a small cut from the profit made by the players is sufficient for these businesses to survive.  We will talk a little bit more about illegal gambling (not online) in our other article.

You can go through our other article on how you can identify fraud online casinos and stay away from them. While we have only discussed fraud online casinos in this article, don’t let this demotivate you to play online casino games. While there are some illegal online casinos on the internet, there are hundreds of legal and legit ones. Baazi247 is one of them.

We are a licensed online casino platform with thousands of Indian players. Feel free to do a short research on how reliable Baazi247 is and once you are confident, join us and millions of players to enjoy casino games like Roulette and Dragon Tiger.  

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