Avoid These 5 Mistakes to Win More at Online Dragon Tiger Games

Dragon Tiger casino game is one of the most popular card games that is played online in India. It has many fans and they win great amounts of money while having fun at the same time.

It’s all fun and games until it starts to cost real money. People make mistakes and lose all their winning as well as the fund that they started with.

Make sure you read this article carefully and avoid these 5 mistakes that people commonly make while playing dragon tiger casino online at Indian casinos. 

1. Proper grasp of the rules

It is no secret that Dragon-tiger is not one of the hardest card games to play out there. It is relatively simple and is entirely based on chance. If you have lady luck on your side for this game, you are winning even if you are a mindless zombie.

Having said that, there are subtle rule changes now and then. The online casino you are playing in or the table you are playing in can have a slightly altered dragon tiger tips and rules or fund requirements than you are used to with regards to Dragon Tiger.

We have seen countless times that the folks sit down at a high-stakes table without knowing what’s happening and losing all the money.

Make sure you are clear on the rules and nothing can stop you from having a good time at the table and potentially winning money.

2. Not Trying Demos

This is also a mistake that new players tend to make. Many online casinos give you a chance to play at the demo table. Demo table means you get to play the same game but without the real money before you move on to the real game.

This has many benefits. You get the feeling of what betting and winning looks like, you get the general pace or speed at which the game is played without having to spend a single real dime on it.

After enough demos and you feel comfortable and confident making wagers at the big boy table.

3. Betting on Tie

In Dragon Tiger, many online casinos payout 1:11 on wagers made on Tie. A tie means that the same card came on the Dragon side as well as the Tiger side. When that happens, the wagers made at tie wins and wins big.

Sure, 1:11 looks very tempting and if that bet pays out it will be huge. However, the payout is that huge because it is not the likely outcome. It happens very rarely but people being people, chase this Tie bet and lose big.

So, if you are just starting it will be a good idea to stay away from bets on a tie. Besides this, put your money on Tiger or Dragon, it doesn’t matter. Both have equal chances of winning.

4. Not Managing Bankroll

The Bankroll is the amount of money you have in your online casino wallet. It feels really good betting on Dragon-Tiger, you win some, you lose some. However, you have to keep the bankroll in the back of your mind.

Players often make the mistake of ignoring their bankroll only to find out they are out of money when they have lost it all.

Be mindful of the number of bets you are making. You shouldn’t bet more than you are comfortable with and get carried away in the heat of the moment. It leads to a pretty bad outcome. Take a step back, chill out and bet consciously.

5. Shady Online Casinos

There are many casinos online that play Dragon-Tiger. However, it is most probably one of the most important decisions you have to make before playing the game. Choosing the right online casino.

Often, people are led to shady casinos that are not real and upfront about the cost, rig the plays and do not pay out when they are supposed to.

There are many online casinos still operating which have a very low-quality camera and players can’t even see which cards are being dealt.

That would be funny if thousands of players were not duped of their money and have their minds soured towards online casinos in general

Some online casinos do have genuine bonuses but some show too good to be true bonuses as eye candy to lure the players into the fake gambling sites.

The solution to all this would be opting to play in the online casinos that are in the business for a long time and has garnered praise from many Indian fans like Baazi247.

Lastly, know that there is no shortcut to winning the game of Dragon-Tiger. It is the game of chance and there is absolutely no full-proof strategy to win.

So, with all this out of the way, come on down to Baazi247. Right now and start playing Dragon-tiger.

If you are wondering about Baazi247, check out this article on why you should choose it.

If you are looking for further guidance to play Dragon Tiger online, this article titled “How to play Dragon Tiger for Real Money at Online Casinos in India” can be helpful.

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