Everything You Need to Know About Online Progressive Slots in India

Online slot games are a big part of the online casino experience. Millions of people play in these slots online from all over the world and India is no exception. In sites like Baazi247, slot games are very popular along with these Jackpot and Retro Arcade games.In this article, we will look at Progressive Slots. What are they, how are they played and can you play it in India?

We will answer all of these questions in this article.

What are Progressive Slots?

Before going into progressive slots let’s make sure that we are on the same page with jackpot slot games and arcade slot games. These games have a fixed amount of Jackpot and they are won randomly y different players.

Players put their bets on slot machines and there always remains a small chance of winning the jackpot and the amount of jackpot is always the same.

Enter, progressive slots. In these slots, with every play that isn’t won, a small amount goes towards the jackpot. The jackpot pool increases as the play progress. It gets really big and some lucky winner will win it once. Then it’s reset again at the minimum and increases as the play progresses.

So, even when you are losing, there is a potentially great payout on its way.

Why was progressive slots necessary?

To answer why casinos came up with something like this wouldn’t need a brain surgeon. The payouts are generally low and people get turned off when their line doesn’t show up at the slot machine. People then tend to move to other games.

When players know that a big payout in the form of a jackpot can happen anytime, they pursue it which in turn increases the engagement with the slots, and also with every loss, the jackpot gets bigger. It is a self-feeding loop.

How casinos operate these slots?

As for how casinos operate it depends largely on the individual casinos. Some of them make only the individual slots progressive and some other casinos take a large pool of slots and make them progressive. The latter is preferred as the jackpot gets bigger in a very less amount of time and the payout is huge.

In a busy casino with multiple slots made progressive and hooked into the same jackpot, the fun is unlimited. The jackpot gets bloated in a very less amount of time and there is a good chance of winning big.

Should I exercise caution while playing progressive slots?

Always. When in a casino it’s always a great idea to exercise caution and playing online progressive slots is not an exception.

Our experts at Baazi247 say that people often make the mistake of chasing the Jackpot and forget to maintain their bankroll. They get carried away easily by the promise of a big payout and tend to lose a lot of money.

What’s worse is that they do not even have fun while playing slots because they are so focused and serious about winning the fat jackpot.

Keep in mind, you should not forget to have fun and take care of your bankroll. Gamble only the amount that you are willing to lose.

Can I play progressive slots in India?

Yes, India is one of the up-and-coming markets in the online casino scene. Many sites allow you to play progressive online slots.

Having said that, since India is still behind the rest of the world when it comes to regulation and oversight of online casinos, please be careful.

Many sites pose as legitimate ones without having a shred of legitimacy and decency. They are there for just one purpose, and that is to scam you.

Experts at Baazi247.com say that people should look at multiple things before choosing an online casino.

A general rule of thumb is that legit sites like Baazi247 give people time and space to look around and get the feel of the environment. Also, these real ones provide some signup bonuses so that players can use them and see if they like/dislike the game.

On the other hand, fishy websites straight away ask people for money to gamble and stop responding when the transactions are through.

Please make sure that the site you are on for gambling is trusted and used by many. You can never be too careful.

That is it when it comes to understanding the progressive slots. You have now got the idea, so go ahead and have fun.

Come on down to Baazi247.com. We are a leading online casino in India with thousands of fans visiting daily and leaving satisfied. Try our slot games and other card games that are played all over India like online Andar Bahar game, Teen Patti. We also have generous bonuses that you will surely enjoy.

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