Virtual Reality Casinos Explained: Flop or Future?

Virtual Reality casino is one of another exciting development in the online casino industry. People often confuse the two but Virtual Reality Casinos are different from an online casino with live dealers.

There are numerous gambling platforms that offer real money casino games as well as other advanced games with cutting-edge technology. 

In this article we will take a closer look at what exactly are the Virtual Reality in Online Casinos and where are they headed?

What is the Virtual Reality Casino?

As I have told you already, it’s not the one with the live dealer. That’s just a live dealer casino. First, let’s find out what Virtual Reality actually is.

Virtual Reality is a new cutting-edge technology that gives you an immersive feeling like you would feel if you were actually in there at any place or event.

Virtual reality is a relatively new technology but has come a long way in the past couple of years. It has a headphone-like device that you place over your ears and eyes and the VR headphones have a screen inside them and you see 3D images on this screen which gives an immersive experience.

Now as we have gotten the idea of Virtual Reality, it doesn’t take too much imagination to know what Virtual Reality Casinos are.

VR casinos are the casinos that you can visit virtually on your VR headset and get very near if the not same experience you’d get if you were in a real casino.

How do they work?

VR casinos bank mostly on the higher-quality graphics and extensive world design by the developers. The world design means what you see after you wear a VR headset and head to the casino. They try and replicate the real casino as closely as they can.

They are able to do this with chat and voice service among different players like you would have in a real casino. Interaction with dealers, viewing the games going on in another table without actually having to wager anything are some of the features.

To gamble, they load the money like they would in a general online casino and use them in their favorite games in VR by using headsets and control. The VR headsets are also getting better at recognizing voice commands, so it’s only a matter of time before VR casinos implement it to make the experience more real.

How are they faring now?

The short answer to that would be slightly less good than they’d have liked. The problem in this industry is that VR technology is evolving every day with new goodies. So, if you sit and make a VR casino game today for today’s technology, it is bound to be obsolete after a couple of years.

This problem shows itself as very few choices of games in the market for VR casinos.

The only handful of games such as Slots, Blackjack, and Roulette are available dependably at this moment.

With the way the VR technology is growing, after some time a tipping point will be reached and the industry as a whole will get some stability. Hopefully, after that, other VR device manufacturers will join in and also may spur confidence in developers to design a new product for the stable market.

Benefits and Downside of Virtual Online Casino

The benefits right off the bat would be the fact that you get to enjoy casino like immersive experience without having to leave your living room. Plus, we would be lying if we don’t say it, they look super cool.

The other benefit is companionship. Your friend and you who are living thousands of miles away can technically visit the same casino together and gamble. It sure wouldn’t be like real life but it would be really close.

As far as the downside goes, it would be the setup. They cost a lot of money and it would seem expensive for the general populace.

Another downside right now is there aren’t too many games and options available. As a result, many people aren’t invested in VR casinos yet.

What does the future hold?

With the technology evolving every day, the future looks really interesting, to put it mildly. There are talks about combining VR with AI to boost up the experience. There are also talks about personalized online casinos. The coming years are definitely full of surprises in this industry.

Finally, Flop or future?

The answer to this question would be premature. We do not have any concrete evidence to answer for the one and against the other.

Right now, because the VR technology and VR casinos are in the nascent form it may look like a failure but powerful tech companies like Facebook and Google are very optimistic about the future of the Virtual Reality industry and have invested heavily.

Whatever the future for Virtual Reality casinos is, we will cross that bridge when it comes would be the right approach.

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