The Evolution of Casino Playing Cards in India

Playing Cards, the standard 52 card deck is one of the most fascinating creations of humanity. Nearly every culture since its inception has wholeheartedly accepted it with open arms.

Therefore, we have the amount and variations of online indian casino games and attractive promotions. Whether with friends or solo, playing cards great way to entertain. At Baazi247, we always like to give our customers new perspectives on interesting topics.

Hence, today we will look at how the playing cards came about and how they evolved into the cards we know today.

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With that out of the way, let’s get into the matter at hand, the evolution of playing cards.

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A Brief History

As you might have guessed, like with most things ancient, we don’t know the exact origins of playing cards. However, the best guess would be that they were first invented in China.

Not exactly like the way they are today, but something vaguely resembling today’s cards.
The story goes as that the businessmen traveling east to China and its neighboring countries got the card-like games and took them to Europe.

In the 13th and 14th centuries, the cards in Europe went under a massive renovation, the suits were introduced and they began looking like cards of today.

Here is an interesting fact, the suits are supposed to emulate the social class of ancient Europe.
Here is another interesting fact. “The Cloister’s Deck” is the oldest deck of cards that we know of and it is currently in Metropolitan Museum in New York City.

Even today, the cards that we use in our homes and the cards that casinos or big gambling tournaments use are vastly different when it comes to quality.

Therefore, one can only imagine in the late 1400s, how the rich and powerful would have access to decent playing cards whereas the working class would get by on cheap cards that barely looked like cards.

In online gambling, everyone plays with decent cards. There is a reason why they say that can technology can be a great equalizer.

French Cards goes Mainstream

Even today, there are many variations in cards. Suits are different when it comes to different countries.

However, the French cards i.e. 52 cards with 4 suits namely Spade, Diamond, Club, and Hearts are the standard in almost all places.

However, it is also true that countries like Italy, Spain, Germany have their version of it with different suits. For eg. in Switzerland, the 4 suits of the cards are Bells, Roses, Acorn, and Shields.

Cards of Today

As we have seen, the cards have come a long way. In casinos today, we can find many different types of cards being used. One thing is common between all of them though, they are of the highest quality.

The cards that we bring at home at a few bucks are also plastic coated. If you know your cards, then some of them can last you a whole festival season and still have that feel of the new card.

However, in casinos, they take cards very seriously. The major casino houses and online casinos have a multi-year licensing deal with card manufacturers to have a steady supply of cards.

The cards are double-coated with plastic, have sharp edges and if the edges tamper, they become very visible. Most of them are water and smudge-proof too.

Casinos have thousands of dollars at stake. If a pro player knows the card because it looks like a certain way or the print is slightly off, they will exploit it to no end.
The casinos, land and online both have staffers hired to check the quality of cards before they make their way to the table. This way only the best deck of cards is sent out so that customers have great satisfaction.

Casino, Cards, and Security

As we have discussed above, a slight twist at the bottom edge of the card or a little something can make a huge difference. Therefore, the casino has a pre-defined rule to retire cards after a certain number of rounds.

In high-profile matches, they bring out a new deck of cards every hand to make sure the foul play is prevented.
Moreover, casinos today have robust security camera systems that are manned by trained eyes and look for these bad actors tampering with the cards.
In an online casino, if you have ever played a hand of any game, you’d have noticed how the dealer gets a new set of freshly shuffled cards. It is because customer satisfaction is paramount to these companies.

Moreover, the gambling license providers mandate them to do so.
Therefore, as far as cards and online casinos are concerned, they are very secure.

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