Everything You Need to Know About Playing Online Teen Patti for Real Money in India

Teen Patti is one of the most common games in online casinos. Since almost all Indians grew up playing the game from their childhood years, it is only fair that the online Teen Patti game is one of the online games with the most traffic.

The beginners who have just started their online gambling journey often make the mistake of jumping right into the game without proper research about the online version. The ‘Play and Learn’ mentality might seem superior to the ‘Learn and Play’, but it is the other way around.

We at Baazi247 have seen several beginners losing their first few games. This is because they start playing online Teen Patti live games without fully understanding the rules. This post will mostly be beneficial to those players. However, anyone can learn a few things or two from it. Here, we will cover everything related to online Teen Patti and how you can play with real money online.

Teen Patti

Also known as India Poker due to its resemblance with standard poker, Teen Patti is a game of both skill and chance.  There are several other names that the game goes by, including:

  • Flush
  • Flash
  • Tash Patti
  • Tin Patti

The game is said to have originated in India more than 200 years ago. Now, there is not a single Indian who has not played the game or at least heard about the game. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that one of the popular card games that all Indian grew up playing is also a popular online casino game. 

The Online Version

There are mostly two versions of the game in every Indian online casino.

  • Super Spade Version
  • EZUIGI version

Super Spade Version

This is the popular one among the game’s two available versions. Here, you will not play with the dealer. Instead, there are two slots: Player A and Player B and you bet on which player is going to win.

This is what the playing table looks like in the online version.

After the game starts, the dealer begins dealing the cards on both sides of the table. Here, the first card on the Player A side is dealt.

Likewise, the dealer deals with the first card on the Player B side.

In the same way, additional two cards are dealt on both sides.

Finally, after three cards are dealt on each side, the game comes to an end.

The EZUIGI version

In this version of Teen Patti, the player plays against the dealer. After you place the initial bet, both player and the dealer get 3 cards. Next, you can choose if you want to bet on the ‘Play’ bet. You can also forfeit the initial bet.

Teen Patti Moves


If you choose to play blind, you can’t see your card. You must place your bet according to your instinct. This is purely a guessing tactic.

Chaal or Play

If you choose Chaal or Play, you can see your card at any time you want. This means that you can fold or play according to the hand you get.


A sideshow is simply a request that you can send to any players on the table asking them if you could compare cards with them. The players have the right to accept and decline your request.


If all the players playing the game refuse to show their cards, then the game is a tie. The pot is shared between the players if there is a tie.


If any player calls for a show, the game continues until there is only one player at the table who hasn’t packed. If there are two players who refuse to pack, then the better hand among the two wins the round.

Teen Patti Variations


Muflis is exactly the opposite of a regular Teen Patti game. Here, the player with the lowest rank of card wins the game.


In the ‘AK47’ version, Ace, King, and 7 are jokers of the game. You can replace the cards you have if you have these jokers.

Best of Four

In the ‘Best of Four’ version, every player is given four cards. You can keep the three cards among the four that you think is the best.

Now that you know the rules and variations of the game, how about implementing what you learned with us? Join Baazi247 today for Teen Patti and other different online casino games. Here’s what is in the store:


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