Guide To Play Roulette For Beginners

Are you wondering how you can get started with Roulette at online casinos in India? If yes, you are in the right place. This is our Roulette Beginner’s guide and here we will discuss how you can get started today. We also have a full online roulette guide on our site for all the intermediates and experts.

It is not an overstatement when we say Roulette is the heart and soul of the casino business. There is just no way people don’t think Roulette when they think about casinos. So, what makes the game of Roulette so popular? And How can you play the game online? Let’s find out.

Our team at Baazi247 especially designed this article for all the beginners out there. Here, we will guide you from the very first step of playing Roulette online in India. Moreover, we will also discuss the gambling laws in 2020 and whether online Roulette is legal in India.

Here are a few things you must know about online Roulette:
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Several Platforms

Since online gambling is widely popular all over India, several platforms provide online casino experience. Despite the number of online casinos available, the game rules remain the same in almost all of these platforms.

Online Roulette

If you have been to any land casinos to play Roulette, the online experience will not differ. With live dealers right in front of you, you can bet live roulette online real money and chat with dealers as much as you want.

You can play live Roulette in most of the Indian online casinos. Here are some things you will need in order to get started:

If you have all the things above checked, you are ready to dive into online Roulette. The pictures below show how online Roulette games with live dealers looks like.

Note: For all the beginners -who are just starting out, it is better to start your Roulette journey with the online RNG tables. These Real Number Generators tables are digital with unbiased outcomes. In most of the RNG tables, you don’t need to play with real money. It is the best place for practicing online Roulette before you are actually in front of a live dealer.

Getting Started

Online casinos are available on every smart device now. You can play Roulette on your mobile and tablet on the go. Here are a few things you will need to get started with online Roulette:

A device that supports online games. Smartphones, Tablets, Laptop, PC, everything works.

A stable internet connection. If you are at home, a good WIFI connection is recommended, and if you are away, a regular mobile data connection will suffice.  

Knowledge of rules of Roulette. Although the rules are straightforward, know them by heart.

Credit Card/E-Wallet. After you decide to play with a live dealer, a payment system is essential. Choose what is convenient for you between the two. An Account in the Online Casino Sites. In every online casino platform, you need to login at first. You must create an account before you get started. Don’t worry; you can remain anonymous if you want.

Live Roulette

Avoid these major mistakes while you play roulette

Roulette Varieties

Once you have an account on the gambling platform, you must choose which variation of Roulette you prefer to play. Quite a few versions of Roulette are available on the internet. Here are some of the common ones:

Furthermore, there are multiple other forms of Roulette available including:

  • Mini Roulette
  • Progressive Roulette
  • Roulette Deluxe
  • 101 Roulette

Make Sure

The online casino platform is legal and licensed

Illegal gambling is nothing new in India. There are daily cases of people falling for fraud gambling sites and losing their hard-earned cash. Before you start playing, always check if the platform is a legit one. You can ensure that by identifying if the site has a licensed online casino.

You have a stable internet connection.

Since you will have a live dealer dealing you cards in online casinos, a stable internet connection is a must for anyone. If your internet is not working well, we suggest you not to join any online betting servers.

Over the years, we have seen different cases of players losing money due to poor internet connection. Generally, this is because they cannot make bets on time. Furthermore, you might also miss dealers’ moves with a poor internet connection, which could ruin your gambling experience as a whole.

The site has a safe payment method

Just like checking for the license of a betting online casinos, you must also make sure that the payment method of a site is safe. All of the major licensed online casinos (including Baazi247) have a safe payment system that is encrypted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bet using Indian Rupees in the online casinos?

Yes. Almost all gambling sites in India allow transactions in Indian Rupees.

Is online Roulette legal in India?

The rules of online gambling vary according to the states in India. In most states, online gambling is legal. However, there are some states where it is illegal to gamble online.

Can I cheat on online Roulette?

No. Players can’t cheat at online casinos in India. Likewise, the dealer cannot cheat with players when they are playing online.  

We hope this Roulette Beginner’s guide was able to shed some light on online Roulette and how to play the game with live dealers in India. Check out our other similar articles regarding other online casino games.

Also check out our own platform, Baazi247. We provide wide variety of online casino games and card games.

Check your luck with us and reach out to us if you have any queries regarding live Roulette or any other card games. Its goodbye for now. Stay safe and bet responsibly.

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