Real Money Vs Free Play in Online Casino: What is the difference?

If you are new to the online casino, you must have come across “Real Money” and “Free Play”. Well, what are they? Most of the indian casino websites have both of them and users can take benefit from the free plays.

In this article, we will look at what they are, and what is the difference between them?

What is Real Money in Online Casino?

It would be a pretty good guess that this wasn’t your concern but the other one. Well, let’s take it out of the way first, nonetheless.

The real money play is the one where the player has their real money at stake. If they win the play, they get paid with real money, which they can withdraw and put in the bank, and if they lose the play, they lose the real money that they deposited in their online casino account.

It is pretty self-explanatory, to be honest.

What is Free Play in Online Casino?

The term free play is also self-explanatory but has a different meaning under different conditions.

Let’s say you are playing Blackjack card game in an online casino. The rules vary under different casino houses but generally, the dealer shows how the play progresses.

You won’t have to bet anything and you won’t win anything. It’s a free run to see what is going to happen or rather to give you an accurate idea of the progression of the play.

It’s technically “free” play, but it’s more like a trial run.

There is a free version available in the online casino of nearly every game. You just need to sign up with your trusted online casino and you can play the games freely.

This is especially good for the new player to brush up their skill before going on and playing with real money. However, you can’t win real money in this kind of free plays.

But there are real free plays in online casinos that can win you actual money.

They mostly happen in a slot machine or selective arcade or jackpot games.

Land-based casino alike, the free play in the slot games gives you the ability to pull the lever freely or without losing the money.

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They are also called free spins. If you win in one of those spins, you win real money.

What is the difference?

So now that we have understood both of them, the difference is pretty easy to see. If you are making real money play, you are wagering your money on the bet and would lose if things go south. That’s real money play.

On the other hand, free play is the one which the casino provides you with or you won, mostly in the slot and jackpot games, that lets you play without wagering any money.

If things go south and you lose the bet, no harm no foul. You don’t lose a penny. However, even in free play, you win then you win real money.

Why do casinos give free play?

Free play or free spin in the slot and jackpot games are as old as the games themselves. The players are awarded with extra spins or free spins as a prize or winning too.

Casinos tend to give them free play to engage the player further. It’s the same business model as a fast-food company giving coupons of their own place rather than cashback.

To put it another way, they are like food samples outside the supermarket. They let you have the sample for free, if you really like it, you can go inside and buy it.

Free plays are coupons or food samples of the slot, arcade, or jackpot games.

Casinos also give free spins to new customers. This allows new customers to look around and get the general sense of the place first, without having to wager real money.

Free plays help new players familiarize themselves with the online casino and try out different games without any risk. Thanks to this, they tend to spend real money afterward if they enjoy something.

How can I get free plays?

You just need to sign up with the casino to get the free plays of the kind in which you won’t win any real money.

For free plays in which you can win money, most casinos do free plays giveaway. So, you need to be on the lookout for those.

Another way is to spend some real money on the slot machines and it will award you free plays. Additionally, every casino has the policy to give free plays after a certain number of real money plays.

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