Perks of Being a High Roller

Hey there Baazigars, Have you ever wondered about being treated differently and specially in a casino? Or have you seen that reserved place in a casino? It’s not a rare vision. stick around till the end and find out the Perks of Being a High Roller.

Luxury Hotel Accommodation

High Rollers are given free accommodation by the Casinos. These accommodations include various high suites and 5 star hotels which an average person can rarely get the opportunity to experience. The casinos provide the high rollers even access to the penthouse of such hotels. 

Imagine being accommodated in such a way where you are welcomed and treated highly in such a place. Being welcomed and taken to the most luxurious suites with the treatment of royalty. 


Vacations, who does not want them right. Well, do you know high rollers are given vacations, an all expenses paid vacations. It is believed that holidays are taken after years of hard work and dedication to your profession or company, but this is not the case when it comes to casinos.

Casinos are willing to throw you one. How? All because you are a Whale. Haha, sounds quite astonishing. Well it’s just one step away after being a high roller.

Expensive and Luxurious Travels

One of the most common yet exquisite gifts/presents that a casino provides a high roller is an expensive and luxurious travel vehicle. Such vehicles include Private Jet, Limousines, Luxurious Private Buses, etc for travels to even the casino as well as other destinations. There are no fixed descriptions to what these vehicles have and are capable of doing. 

Fine Dining and Gourmet Food

“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.” – Luciano Pavarotti

Nobody can deny these words as these are true but dining in a top notch place is a dream come true. High rollers are often given opportunities to dine in their restaurants. These restaurants are very indulging in their own.

They have wide varieties of fooding as well as liquors. Surely, the casino provides liquors while gambling but these liquors are different.

Online casinos have seemed to provide vouchers and coupons as well as provide reservations and all expense paid dining of your choice.


After you’ve become a high roller, the casinos will list and keep you in a VVIP and VIP list. Being in such a list will regard you as an important guest and give all the privileges that a VIP would get. VIPs are treated differently in comparison with normal or average people.

Exclusive Games

Casinos always have a wide range of real money casino games. Some of these games are easily accessible whereas some are difficult to get accessed to. The casinos can list some games as exclusive or VIP games which the general members cannot get access to and some games might need a booking before you play. Such games are easily available for High rollers.


There are many other bonuses that a casino provides. They may differ from one casino to another but some of the general bonuses are listed below.

  • Allotted free parking
  • Casino gift hampers and merchandise
  • Preferential treatment arranged by the casino at other places of interest (like restaurants, spas, etc.) in the city
  • The most delicate liquor and food
  • Cash cards that can cover your shopping expenses up to a limit
  • Dedicated service from the staff

So there is definitely many advantages of being a High Roller.


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