Exciting Evolution of Online Casino Slots

Slots games are played all over the world. They are an exciting feature of any casino that lures many of the players there. What is not to like about the slots? They are very easy and fun to play with. You don’t have to be a millionaire to play it and if it’s your lucky day, you might win some cash. Whether it’s arcade games or jackpot games, you are very much involved and never gets boring. In this article we will take a look at how slots started, how are they faring in online casinos and where are they heading.

Just like in land casinos, the slots in online casinos have gathered many fans. Millions are playing slot games on their mobile phone and computers from the comfort of their home and slots are one of the major revenue generators for online casinos.

Online Slots Beginning

Online slots came pretty much the same time the “online casinos” went mainstream in the late nineties during the dot com boom. The slots make one feel like they are actually in the casino and early online casino developers knew that. The buzz, sound, colors, light that slot machines gave were unparallel and if online casinos were to go somewhere, slots should be a part of it.

However, early slots were relatively simple. You could make a wager, there was a little pull button on the corner that would act as a lever once pressed. It was a very simple simulation of the original physical slots.

Steady Growth and Development

With the rise in popularity, online slots evolved too. There were some concerns early on from the players that there was no way to say if the slots were 100% random and that they are not tampered with to put the players at disadvantage.

This issue sorted itself out when people began to understand things like RNG (Random Number Generator). More people were convinced that it was really up to chance to win or lose.

At this same time, developers began to bring popular slot games in land in an online casino. This expanded the demographic signing up for these games as the older demographic too figured out the internet and play slot games reminiscing their childhood.

The graphics got better, and so did the sounds, lights, and overall quality and feel of the slot games and they began to get more traction.

Better with Smart Phones

With the rise of smartphones, online casino goers skyrocketed. It’s like having a casino in your pocket 24/7. You can go in anytime you want, wherever you are and exit if you have had enough.

After the first iPhone and the rise in application usage and overall usage of mobile phones in society, it was a blessing for online slots and casinos. People started joining casino en masse and also started playing in casinos of some other countries and winning money.

More and more casinos started going online and this increased competition. Casinos in their quest to outperform rivals began giving out generous bonuses that could be redeemed at the slots in their app giving more exposure to the online slots. This benefitted the average player immensely and these bonuses help people to navigate and get the feel of the overall site or online casino without having to spend money straight away.

This infusion of cash and attention on online slots spurred more innovations and better aesthetically pleasing slot games. Themed slots also came in the picture with their own quirky bonus rules and figurines.

After this, online slots took off.

The Future

The future of online slots does look promising. The main concern of the slot games, in general, is how it is entirely based on luck. There is no skill involved. The newer generation that grew up around video games would like to be able to do something themselves and win rather than winning all by luck.

Now the companies and developers have come up with Skill-based Slot Machines where you can employ some of the skills to win more in the slots. However, skills do not make a huge difference still and the games are heavily luck-based but it is a step in the right direction.

More and more countries going liberal and opening their markets for online gambling. Also, many people are connecting to the internet for the first time every day. The future of online slots looks very interesting.

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