Online Slots: A Beginners Guide

Let’s be honest, slot machines and casinos go together like Colonel Sanders and Chicken. Whenever someone hears somebody say casino, they probably think about the Roulette wheel or the blinking lights and cha-ching sound of the slot machines. Slot machines transitioned from real-life machines to online slots, and how the gambling community embraced it is a story worth telling and listening to. In Baazi247, the best online casino in India, we host thousands of online gambling enthusiasts on slot machines.

However, in this article, we will try to accommodate folks who are new to online gambling or online slot machines. Even if we did half a good job, new players will be ready to hit the slot machines and have fun.

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With that out of the way, let’s get into the beginner’s guide for online slots.

Slot Machines and House Edge

This is the thing that people often overlook and get more confused as they spend more time on these machines, ultimately claiming that everything is rigged.

Before you go any further, know one thing. Casinos have made sure that they benefit from these machines. That’s not a secret. It depends on the casino but every casino has a house edge. That means the slot machines run such that for every $100 spent on the machine, at least say $30 or $40 goes to the casino. What we are competing for is who gets that remaining $60? It’s either us, the player before us, the player after us or the casino itself.

Make sure you know this. It will save you a lot of embarrassment in the long run.

How Do Online Slots Work?

Slot machines work because of something called Random Number Generators. It is a mechanical or a computational way to produce completely random numbers. We call the numbers random if their occurrence doesn’t depend on anything and cannot be remotely predicted.

This being a beginner’s guide we will try and keep things light here. If you want to learn more about Random Number Generators, this is one finely written piece.

When the numbers are generated, they correspond with the respective signs, and finally, you get a combination in the slot machine.

People are often skeptical with online slots they think something sinister goes on in the background. This is where casino licenses are necessary. The online casino houses with casino licenses from reputable license authorities are vetted properly and have strong oversight. Therefore, players can play online slots without any worry in these houses.

It functions in the same way. It’s just that Random Numbers are generated by a computer algorithm called Random Number Generator Algorithm. Surprise! Surprise!

Online Slots: Free Mode, Free Spins

These two things are your friends if and when you decide to play slot machines. First, the free mode.

Most of the online casinos have got free modes. At least good ones like do. What happens here is you get to play and enjoy slots for some amount of time depending upon the casino without investing any money. You get to feel and experience them before you even put your penny on them.

Free modes are great for two reasons. One, you get to play the slots for free of course and the other is that it gives players a proper understanding of wins, payouts, and other potential losses.

One thing that you need to remember is that because you haven’t put in any real money, you won’t win any. Unless some casino is running this bewildering scheme of paying money out without bringing any in.

Free Spins however are slightly different. Say you are at a slot machine and you just lost or got this weird combination that gave you a free spin. Now with this, you can play another hand without putting in any money. You get a re-do. It’s another shot at the prize without any additional costs. Many people often win in these spins. Talk about being lucky.

Some Slot Games Jargon

Here are some of the words that you will most likely hear when playing slot machines.


Think about a slot machine winning combination like 7-7-7. Do you get the picture? Yes, every “7” is from a reel. So, the slot machine you are thinking about right now has 3 reels. Mostly, the slot machines have an odd number of reels. 3,5,7 and so on.


Paylines are the winning combination on the reels that pay you something. Different paylines payout differently. Orange- Orange­­- Orange payout something different from Cherry- Cherry- Cherry. These combinations are what you call paylines.


In most slot machines, you get to enter a bonus round when you hit the correct payline for the bonus. When that happens, you enter in Bonus rounds where you have free spins, multipliers, and other paylines that pay a good return.


You know Jackpot right? The winning combination that wins you a boatload of money? Yeah! Those are jackpots.

Most casinos now employ what we call progressive jackpots. Those are jackpots that get bigger and bigger over time until somebody wins it and again starts from scratch. You’d need to wager a big amount to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. As a beginner, you are not advised to do so. Stick with the basic slot machine that we all know and love. After you get some experience there, then venture out.

If you want to know more about progressive jackpots, this is a good article.

This is all that you need to know to get started in online slots. Some stuff is purposefully left out so that you do not get overwhelmed. Final advice? Load only the amount that you are comfortable losing and have fun.

We are the India’s one of the secured and licensed casino and our license provider is Malta Gambling Authority.

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