4 Online Jackpot Myths

Jackpot games are as famous online as they are in real-life jackpot machines. They are an integral part of any online casino. That is exactly why we here at Baazi247 see a lot of incoming traffic to play our hit jackpot game “John Hunter and the Scarab Queen” and yes, it is as fun to play as it sounds.

Since jackpots are around forever, there are enough rumors and myths one can hear about them. It ranges from how jackpots are rigged to how you can rig jackpots. So, here in this article we will look at some of those myths and debunk them forever, hopefully.

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With that out of the way, let’s get into the myths of online Jackpots.

Online Jackpots are not fun

Yes. Let’s deal with the biggest one out there straight away. This notion people try to perpetuate that online jackpots are not as fun as land-based jackpots.

These statements are ignorant at best and moronic at worst. First off, it’s always the people that haven’t even tried the online versions of the Jackpots. Since it’s something new, it must be inferior and if it is something based on technology, you better believe boomers are out with the pitchfork.

As I have mentioned earlier, at Baazi, we have many online casino players visiting the jackpots page and playing them daily. The best way to debunk this myth would be my friends, you playing them and seeing it for yourself.

They have attractive RTP rates and they are great if you are looking for some casual fun without worrying about losing too much money hey! You could always win.

Bet big to Win

This is another myth that runs rampant in the gambling community. Be it may online slots or arcades or online jackpots, some people believe in order to win, you need to bet big. “If only you bet huge sums of money, only then you will win some of that back because online jackpots are rigged that way” is what the self-proclaimed expert believes.

Here is a little knowledge that those experts seem to leave out conveniently.

There is a little something called RTP or Return to Player. It is set at a fixed percentage. What this means is that casinos have made sure that they are winning something as soon as you put that coin in the slot. This is publicly available information as you can ask any staffer about any game and its RTP. So why would casinos go and rig it every now and then if they are winning anyway? That doesn’t make any sense.

Similar things happen in online casinos. Every single game has its RTP. The machine/software randomizes the wins so that there is no telling who will win and when.

So, this idea that you only need to bet big to win is demonstrably false. Never do this. If there is anybody benefiting from this myth, it’s the casinos because if you bet big and lose, it’s cha-ching for them.

Bets at Baazi Jackpots start for as little as INR 50 and people are winning money every day. So yeah, it is a myth.

Free Spins are worthless

Here is another biggie. The believers of this myth believe that free spins or bonus spins that the house gives you after you sign up or during promotions are worthless and do not win you money.

Free spins and promotions are mainly used by the casinos for promotional reasons or to make players comfortable and let them try the games for free.

You could say, free spins, and bonus rounds are the casino version of Netflix’s one month free. Why do they do that? It’s so that the users feel comfortable using the service and see for themselves that the thing is worth paying for.

There is absolutely no evidence to support this claim. People have won many times playing the bonus rounds.

Progressive Jackpots are the Best

If you don’t know what progressive Jackpots are, here is one helpful article. Yes, this is the myth that people buy into instantly. Progressive Jackpots put some percentage of the money in the Jackpot with every hand a player loses.

This common pool keeps on getting large until somebody claims it or wins it. If somebody wins the jackpot, it will again start from zero.

With the potential of winning an outrageous amount of money, people believe that only progressive Jackpots are worth playing.

However, people conveniently forget that sometimes these jackpots go unclaimed for more than a year or two. The odds of any single person winning this are huge. Hence, no it is not the best slot that people seem to believe it is.

So, these were 4 Myths about Online Jackpots.

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