Online Blackjack Strategy and Tips to Win Real Money

Blackjack is one of the popular online casino games in India. Thousands of gambling enthusiasts win money through live blackjack online game regularly. If you are just starting out, online Blackjack can turn out to be a fantastic money-making scheme. However, it can turn dangerous quickly.

Due to a lack of proper strategies and obsessive gambling nature, many players lose a significant amount of money through online Blackjack. There are several reasons why people have a hard time making money at online Blackjack. We have discussed some of the reasons below along with the online Blackjack strategy and tips to help you stay away from those reasons.

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Online Blackjack Strategy (Know the Rules)

If you go through our tips and strategies for all the casino games, you will find out that the tip about knowing the rules of the game is always at the top of our list.

Although this tip from our experts might sound routine, the number of players that are not fully aware of Blackjack rules is staggeringly high.

Knowing the rules of Blackjack does not only mean knowing just the rules of hand and rounds, it also means knowing the side bets, pay, number of splits possible, and more.

The stakes are real when playing with real money online and you can’t go unprepared. Make sure that you are aware of every term used in the game and additional moves that might be game-specific.

Avoid Fraud Sites

Fraud casino sites are more common than you think. Before you even think about depositing money, always make sure that you are playing on a legit gambling site. Here are a few things you can check:

  • Does the platform have an official gambling license? (No License= No Thank You)
  • Is the RNG software and other software used in the games accredited?
  • What is the Interface of the live games? (If it looks sketchy, stay away)
  • How many payment options does the platform accept? (The more, the better)
  • Is there SSL encryption on the site? (Encryption is a must in any gambling site)
  • What are people who have played on the platform saying online? (Reviews on Quora, Reddit)


If you do a little bit of research, you will find out that there are multiple variants of Blackjack available all over the internet. Although all the variations follow the same core principle, some rules might vary between them.

You must choose the variations that best suit you. Go through the house edge of the variant that you are about to play.

Avoid the variations with very low house edge and always go for the ones with a higher house edge (4%-6%).

Implement Strategies

There are several strategies in Blackjack that players implement in their game. While some strategies do more harm than good, there are some excellent strategies as well.

Moreover, there are several strategy cards available that our experts urge you to give a shot.

Although at the end of the day it is a game of chance, if you completely implement strategies in your game, you will definitely get better.

Avoid Card Counting

Many beginners often get into card counting through recommendations or some sketchy articles.

Although it might seem like a good idea initially, several examples prove that it is a very bad idea. The game of online blackjack is extremely fast-paced.

You will have a hard time counting the cards online. Furthermore, if you get caught counting cards or cheating any other way, you will be banned from the casino forever.

Try Demos

Before you jump into online Blackjack games, always make sure that you have played the online version of the game at least once beforehand. You can do this by searching for the sites that provide free demos of the games.

Additionally, most online casinos provide welcome bonuses for anyone who is new to the platform. This can be an excellent opportunity to try out the demo games before you start playing.

Adjust Your Bankroll

In most fast-paced card games, players tend to lose their focus on their bankroll due to the high intensity. This is a common mistake that beginners make. If you are not wary of your bank balance and bankroll, you will lose your money in no time.

Although getting lost in the excitement of the game is fun at times, it is one of the main reasons why players lose a significant amount of money at online casinos.

Stay Away from Insurance

Many online casinos provide insurance to players at the beginning of the round. While it might sound tempting, most of the time, it might not turn out to be a good idea. This does not mean that insurances are useless. In some cases, taking offers is the right move.

These were some of the online Blackjack strategy and tips at blackjack card game. Following these tips will not guarantee 100% success but they will definitely help you get better at the game.

The suggestion that our experts provide to players of every game is knowing when to quit playing. As mentioned earlier, online casino games finish quickly.

Many players choose to ignore this tip when they are on a winning streak. However, the winning streak can come to an end very quickly.

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