Mobile vs. Desktop Online Casino Comparisons

Like most of the internet, online casinos too were built around desktop computers. With the rise of mobile phone technology and its ability to reach new customers, like most of the internet, real money casino games too are adapting to mobile technology. Casino houses like Baazi247 give special bonuses to players signing up first the first time from the mobile device.

In this article, we will look at what are the benefits, downside, and similarities of playing mobile or desktop online casino. We will examine them based on different topics.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get into it.


Accessibility refers to the fact that how accessible is the game from each device, mobile or desktop. In our view, mobile is the clear winner here. Here’s why:

Thanks to the boom in mobile technology, many new populations, even the most backward ones are using the internet and taking its immense benefit today.

People that have never even seen or heard of things like a pager, landline have straight-up 3G phones today. That’s just how technology rolls.

This is why many new populations are now accessible for businesses like online casinos which they wouldn’t be able to access had it been for the desktops.

Computers tend to have a higher price point and less impact on people live living in faraway villages.

This was about the accessibility of online businesses like an online casino to customers. But mobile devices work on the opposite too. Online casinos are easily accessible by the customers as well.

Whether you are on a bus, train, or in your own home, you can just take your phone out of your pocket and have fun gambling a little. Which, let’s be honest is just not possible from the computer. 

Due to these reasons, we believe mobile devices win this round.


Display refers to how the game looks and feels to the eyes. It is a tough call but it would be very unfair to desktops if we decide to give this one too to the mobile devices.

Desktop wins this one because they have large displays. Research after research has shown that humans like large and clearly bright, consistent displays.

These are the qualities we find easily on desktop computers. Having said that, we do not feel that display on mobile devices is below par or mediocre. They are not. With $1000 phones being the new norm, the displays there are phenomenal. Yet they are small and you can only fit so many things.

Online casinos are sensitive too. Phones have only a little real estate available so two buttons together. Like, fold and raise. God forbid, you wanted to raise but end up folding your great hand instead.

These are not just anecdotes. These things have happened to online casino players on mobile. 

With computers, you have no problems regarding this. There is enough real-estate for everything to be far apart so mistakes like this tend to happen very rarely.

User Experience

User Experience refers to how the user feels. It might look like a cop-out but we call this a tie.

People are just built differently. They have different tastes in things, a different way of looking at things, and they were brought up differently.

As a result, some online players prefer playing on their desktops whereas others on mobile devices.

It is a tradeoff. You trade off the big screen when you are playing on your mobile device and you trade off mobility and easy accessibility when you play on your mobile device.

Many online casinos today have their own mobile app. It is no surprise that mobile apps are better at knowing what exactly people want so that they give a relatively better-customized experience.

However, players that play in computers are of the feeling that “why exactly is the customized experience necessary. You are the there to gamble, go in gamble, that’s it.” And they are not wrong either.

With casino houses though, they definitely prefer players playing on their mobile phone as they can send them notifications if something important like a tournament or giveaways are happening.

It is so much easier and effective than mailing the players that play on the desktop.

But honestly, it all boils down to personal choice.

Final Verdict

One went to the mobile device, the other went to the computer and the last one was a toss-up. This is what happens when you try to be as fair as possible. End up in a scenario, where there are no clear winners.

Our advice would be to try both of them. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. Get both, use the same account and you are golden.

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