Lambi Race Tagda Price: A Baazi247 Special

Dear Ladies, Gentlemen, and Others, we here at Baazi247 are pleased to announce the return of the ever so popular Lambi Race Tagda Price.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this bonanza, in this article, we will look at what exactly is “Lambi Race Tagda Price” and everything about it.

Let’s go.

What is Lambi Race Tagda Price?

Lambi Race Tagda Price is a promotional tournament that we run here at We have done it many times and it remains one of the most popular tournaments we run. It is now back by popular demand from our players all over India.

What is the tournament about?

It is a tournament that we run for 2 and a half months or 75 days on our platform. Players compete with each other by playing various games available at Baazi247. We maintain a leaderboard throughout the tournament and the winners are decided by the leaderboard itself.

One of the great things about this tournament is that it is across the site. That means, whatever game you play, you are in the tournament. It is not limited to a specific game.

How can I be eligible to participate?

Yes, it is very simple to be eligible to participate. We have set the criteria at the bare minimum. Hence, all you have to do is make at least one deposit on our site. That’s it.

The sweet part of this deal is that you become eligible for site-wide bonuses too after your first deposit. So, it is a win-win scenario.

Make the first deposit, you get sweet bonuses and at the same time be eligible for Lambi Race, Tagda Price.

What are the prizes?

Prizes are what makes this thing a real deal-breaker. There is practically no hassle to enroll yourself in the tournament, no extra fees. As we discussed above, the only thing you need to do is make your first deposit.

The Grand Prize of this scheme is a whopping 2 Lakhs. Followed by 1 Lakh for the first prize, 75k for the second, and 50k for the third.

Not only that, to make sure a large number of players have something in return, we organize lucky draws too.

How does Lucky Draws work?

For lucky draws, we allocate coupons to each player participating in the tournament at the end of each week. With every 1 lakh turnover, a player gets one coupon. For eg. for a turnover of 3 lakh in one week, the player gets 3 coupons in the same week.

The greater the number of coupons, the greater is the chance to win at the lucky draws. Going by experience, the same player won lucky draws multiple times because he had more coupons. You never know about luck.

At the end of the event, 25 lucky winners will win the first prize of Rs 10,000 and the second prize of Rs.5000.

Make sure you get as many coupons as possible.

Can I take out my winnings?

You can take out your winnings. There is no wagering requirement or threshold you need to cross to take your winnings. Additionally, 50% of winnings can be easily taken out by you while 50% of winnings can be used to play games in itself.

Where can I see the leaderboard?

The turnover is added to the individual name at the end of each week. We show the leaderboards on our social media. Don’t worry, we won’t broadcast your name in front of the whole world to see.

We will allocate each player a specific ID. Therefore, the leaderboard will only show the player’s ID. Rest assured, your privacy is safe with us.

What other benefits are there?

The other benefits that you have are many of Baazi247’s exciting bonuses.

With the first and second deposit, Baazi247 gives your very generous bonuses which you can use to play any games on the platform and win real money.

There are plenty of other bonuses too. Check out our article titled “Casino Bonuses at Baazi247” for a detailed bonus guide.

Lambi Race Tagda Price at its core aims to accommodate both long-time players and players signing up for the first time.

If you are on the fence about joining the online casino site, this is as good a time as any. This is only once in a while kind of thing here at Baazi247 and the incentives of joining right now are great.

Sign up and you are immediately welcomed with signup bonuses, which you can use to look around the site. Take a general tour of our site, try our different games, and see if you like any of them. All of this on somebody else’s dime.

We here at Baazi247 have beloved Indianized card games such as Teen-Patti, Andar Bahar, and Dragon Tiger among others. Furthermore, we also have exciting slots and arcade games if they are more to your liking.

Come join us and see for yourself if you have what it takes to be a Baazigar.

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