How Craps Can Be Better Than Roulette?

Except for a green felt table, craps table game, and online roulette appear to have nothing in common at first look, yet both provide a fairly large reward potential with various bet alternatives.’

Find out how they differ in terms of bets, risks, and payouts if you want to know which one best matches your gameplay style.

Take each for a test drive. It’s now simpler than ever for Canadian gamers to check out these games before putting real money down, thanks to internet casinos.

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Craps: Introduction

Craps is one of the most exciting social experiences available at a online casino. As a fast-paced game of chance, gamblers must be intimately familiar with the bets, odds, and potential rewards in order to make the best selections in the heat of the moment.

Craps, like Roulette, provide players with a wide range of high and low-risk wagers to pick from. The payouts vary from 1/1 and 30/1. The house edge varies from bet to bet, ranging from 1.4 percent to 11.1 percent depending on whatever bet you choose.

Players can pick which bets to place chips on when the dealer flips a marker signaling that bets can be made. The shooter rolls the dice till he or she loses or reaches a profit target. Each straight victory entitles that shooter to another roll. A loss, such as rolling a 7 before making the point amount or crapping out at the start, necessitates the shooter to pass the dice left to the next player.

Even if you are not the shooter, you may wager on the numbers you believe will be rolled next. The ‘pass’ line and ‘come’ wagers gamble on the shooter winning. The ‘don’t pass’ and ‘don’t come bets’ predict that the shooter will fail. All of these bets are considered low risk when compared to the other bets on the table, and they all pay 1/1.

Place bets, purchase bets, and proposition bets, which entail making wagers on particular numbers, are some of the riskier bets with bigger payouts. These have odds ranging from 7/5 to 30/1.

Craps Odds Comparision

The normal house edge for the mandatory and most basic beginning craps play, a Pass Line bet, is 1.41 percent. The house edge is reduced by more than half if players stick with the uninteresting but mathematically consistent odds bets, doubling their chances on the pass line bet.

At the largest multiple, 100x, players obtain the closest to even money they can get in a casino, with a house margin of only 0.02 percent. Though there are craps bets that may drive the house edge as high as 9.1 percent, 11 percent, and 13.9 percent, most players who understand the game’s betting methods avoid such unfavorable bets.

When compared to other casino games, American roulette has a rather strong house advantage. The house edge in European roulette falls marginally, although it remains significantly higher than the usual house edge in craps. The house edge in American casinos or on American roulette wheels is a massive 5.26 percent.

The European version, with one less betting spot on the wheel, reduces the house edge to 2.7 percent, although this is still significantly higher than the craps odds. Placing repeated bets on the roulette wheel will simply result in a player losing bigger sums of money all at once.

It’s alluring because it shouldn’t be difficult to have the ball land on one of your numbers or colors, but the odds of winning in roulette are so low that smarter players avoid the “sucker bets” of a roulette wheel.

Craps and roulette players have a number of parallels and distinctions. Each game has a distinct appeal to the participants, who tend to choose one over the other.

Both games of chance continue to attract thousands of players each year, both live and online, as clients try their luck against the chances at the craps table and roulette wheel.

Simple or Complex

Although you just need to master a few fundamental bets to get started, we’d say that learning the rules of craps is more difficult than learning the rules of roulette. Not to mention that the variety of bets, payouts, and odds might be daunting for a first-time player.
All bets in roulette are settled after a single spin, with the exception of the La Partage and En Prison regulations in French roulette. This is also true for many other casino games, but not for craps. It’s not unusual for bets to remain on the table for numerous roles.

Craps also give you less time to prepare your next move than roulette, making it simpler to get caught up in the moment and lose more money than you expected.

To really grasp both games, players must first comprehend the odds and rewards for each wager type on the table.

While the basic concept and procedure of laying bets on the roulette table are simple to grasp, coming out ahead requires a sophisticated implementation of your betting plan.


To sum up, Craps might look soft in terms of gameplay in comparison to roulette but in the long run, craps are much more fun to play. We at Baazi247 are not taking any side of craps over roulette and are just pointing out the facts and statistics.

If you want to know more about roulette then check out Our Roulette tutorials, online roulette guides, and much more.

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