5 Gambling Myths: Debunked

Whether they are professional gamblers or someone who plays a hand or two online or with friends, everyone has a theory on gambling and winning. Since, by its very nature, playing real money casino games are based on luck and there is no concrete science behind luck.

Where there isn’t science, superstition and ridiculous myths run amok. Hence, we will discuss such gambling myths making rounds all over the world on this article.

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With that out of the way, let us get to the matter at hand, Gambling Myths.

1. Gambling is Not Addictive

As long as we are talking about myths, why not start with the biggest of them all. Yes, you may have heard people say that gambling is not addictive. Furthermore, much like drugs, people go on to say that only the ones with weak self-control get addicted to gambling.

Well, this thing couldn’t be further from the truth. Trials after trials and studies after studies have shown that when habitual gamblers are prohibited from gambling for a while, their brain activity was similar to someone with hard drug withdrawal.

These signs and symptoms of gambling addiction are subtle, unlike drug addiction. They manifest themselves in the form of loosened concentration, heightened frustration, and an overall decrease in quality of life.

Yes, not all gamblers are indeed addicted, but outright dismissing the gambling addiction is gullible at best and moronic at worst.

2. Listen to Your Gut Feeling

This is probably the one with which most of us suffer. Gambling is entirely based on the mathematics of probability. There is no evidence that our gut feeling has some effect on the probability so that the result falls in our favor.

I am talking about that voice in our heads that tells us to “go all in.” Or another inside voice while playing online roulette game which tells us that “next round is black for sure.”

They are just what your brain wants to happen so that it can release the feel-good juices and congratulate itself. They are not some universe voices conspiring to help you win, as many people believe.

Sure, gambling is fun, but once you get carried away, there is no coming back. Always, question your instincts while you gamble.

3. Casino and Online Casinos are Rigged

Well, if we are talking about some sleazy casino that has no past or future, then sure. Who is to say that they aren’t rigged?

However, when it comes to license and organized casinos or online casinos like Baazi247.com, these statements are demonstratively false.

Yes, casino houses indeed have an edge or a slight advantage. Good casinos who know what they are doing are comfortable mentioning players beforehand about the house edge.

After that, it’s anybody’s game. If you go to a casino that is regulated by a good gambling authority, if you win, you win. End of Story. The house must pay you. If it doesn’t, then it loses its license.

Similar is the thing with the slot machines, online or otherwise. They have a certain house edge; casinos are open about it and that’s about it. It’s anybody’s game after that.

If it were rigged, everyday people wouldn’t be winning large sums of money and appearing on Saturday morning news.

4. Online Gambling is Illegal

This depends on the country we are talking about. If it’s a democratically run country, chances are they are open to gambling. India is the world’s largest democracy. Naturally, it allows its citizens to gamble. However, they have been reluctant about letting them run a casino business.

So, Online Gambling is perfectly legal in the country where there is regular gambling legal. This idea that online gambling is sinister and is rigged is utter nonsense.

The agencies that certify the regular brick-and-mortar casinos also certify online casinos. Online casinos must fulfill the requirements of all land-based casinos and then some.

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5. Got to Win Your Money Back

This, known as sunk cost fallacy, or in the casino world a gambler’s fallacy is the tendency to bet more money to retrieve the losses before.

When a gambler loses a penny, they say “In for a penny, in for a pound.” The thing was he never intended to use that pound to gamble. He was only gambling the penny, thanks to gambler’s fallacy, he sent his pound to chase the penny.

This is what people suffer from most in the gambling world. They lose the money they wanted to gamble and can’t or won’t stop at that. This feeling that you got to win that money, ultimately, fetches even more money from you.

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