Five Mistake Rookies Make Playing Blackjack

When it comes to card games in the casino, Blackjack card game  is the undisputed leader. In the continental United States, it isn’t out of the ordinary to find about 10 tables for Blackjack in the single casino, operating at the same time. The popularity just doesn’t end in America.

The Middle East and Southeast, especially India have seen a significant uptick in players enjoying Blackjack online. Baazi247 hosts numerous such players based in India that are trying Blackjack for the first time.

Since it’s early days playing Blackjack for the Indian populace, we figured it might be a good idea to put together a comprehensive guide on how not to suck at it or make bad decisions costing you good bucks in blackjack online.

Therefore, in this article, we will try and look at what mistakes rookies tend to make and hope that you won’t repeat them.

This article assumes to a certain degree that you have got hold of the Blackjack rules.

If not, refresh them by reading these two well-written articles titled “Getting Started with Blackjack and Game Rules” and “Blackjack: A Beginners Guide.” They will put you up to speed on how to play Blackjack.

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With that out of the way, let’s get into the mistakes the rookies make while playing Blackjack.

Live Dealer or Virtual

Yes, there are two kinds of Blackjack you can play at any online casino. First is the Live Dealer. This means, there is a real live person on the other side of the screen dealing you the cards.

You, along with other players on the table, play with the same dealer. This is what is called a “Live Dealer Casino.”

Then there is another called “Virtual Casino.” This is the one where you play with the computer or AI. Does this mean that these games are rigged in the favor of casinos? Not.

There are casino licensing agencies that are very strict when it comes to the undue house advantage. Therefore, you should only play at the casinos that are licensed by reputed agencies.

The virtual casinos work on an algorithm called RNG or Random Number Generator. To know more on this, check out this article titled “Everything you need to know about Random Number Generator (RNG)”
Therefore, beginners need to make sure what they exactly want.
Still, confused? Check this article titled “Live Casino Vs Random Number Generator: What is the difference?”

Minimum Bet

Yes, whether it is a blackjack game in a land-based casino or an online casino, there is a minimum bet. It is pretty self-explanatory. If a minimum bet at a table is say $100 then for you to play, you should wager at least $100 at the end of every hand.

So, make sure you start small when you are a beginner. Start in the table with very low minimum bets and only go to the table with big minimum bets once you are comfortable.

Playing alone with Dealer

This is what most beginners tend to do. They think, since they are just beginning, they are bound to make some mistakes and other players will mock or judge them.

This is very counter-productive. When you play at a full table, you see how players are more experienced than you play and win hands.

You can compare to what you would do in their situation and see what they did and how it worked out for them.

Therefore, it is very much in your best interest to play at the table with as many players as possible. Additionally, it slows the pace of the play and you get the time to think long and hard about your strategy.

Splitting and Doubling

When you are just starting to play blackjack online, you want to try every aspect of the game has to offer. Therefore, you read about Splitting and Doubling Down in the tutorials and can’t wait to do it in a real game. It is an epidemic in new players.

Well, these plays come with certain risks. The decision to whether split the cards or double down has not only to do with the cards you are showing but a lot to do with cards that the dealer is showing as well.

This is what they call nuanced knowledge which you will only get once you practice the game enough. When to split or double down can’t be taught. It’s a risk and it may pay off sometimes but may not most of the time if you do not know what and why you are doing.

Chasing Losses

You were expecting this weren’t you? Yes, chasing losses. That is the charm of table card games like Blackjack when you are playing against the house.

That little voice in your head goes “it’s all a matter of one good hand” and you keep on chasing that one good hand to recover from your loss.

The thing is that seldom happens. What’s most likely to happen is you end up losing more money, sign out from the casino, frustrated.

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In summary

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can significantly improve your blackjack gameplay and increase your chances of success. Remember to follow a basic strategy, manage your bankroll effectively, maintain proper etiquette, and play with a clear mind. Blackjack is an exciting game of skill and strategy, and by implementing these recommendations, you can enhance your overall experience.

Disclaimer: Gambling involves risk, and it’s essential to gamble responsibly. If you or someone you know is experiencing problems with gambling, please seek assistance from a professional organization.

Note: The above information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be considered as legal or professional advice. Please consult with a qualified expert or refer to the rules and regulations in your jurisdiction before engaging in any gambling activities.

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