Everything You Need to Know About Online Casino and Security

The Internet has been a blessing for the most part. Players can play and enjoy casinos from the comfort of their homes in sites like Baazi247, thanks to technology and the internet. Every good thing comes with its own cost. Online privacy and security have been an issue in these past couple of years.

Edward Snowden debacle, alleged Russian meddling in the American election, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, people are worried about online security and privacy in the wake of these events. It is now a big concern to not just the techies but everyday people.

As expected, our online casino players want to know if they have privacy playing real money casino games and what should they do to make themselves more secure.

This article is in response to those queries. We will take a look at how the state of affairs is in Online casinos in general and how they are in Baazi247. This article will also have some tips to make yourself more secure.

With that in mind, let’s get into it.

Security in Online Casinos

Online casinos, at least the legit ones, have made security their top priority. Reputed casinos worldwide spend millions of dollars to make sure that they are secured and won’t get hacked. That would be catastrophic to the casino if it got out that they are unable to protect players and even themselves from these sorts of attacks.

Having said that, it’s incumbent upon the players themselves to choose the right casino. Here are some tips to see if the casino is legit.

  • Legit online casinos do not give impossible bonuses and sure cash

This would be very easy to notice. It’s just like getting a call from a scammer saying you won a million dollars. If it is too good to be true, it is probably false. That’s the golden rule.

Casino like most things is business too. It would not make a lot of business sense for casinos to give away free money.

Yet, people fall for these cheap tricks now and then.

  • The real online casino has an SSL certificate.

It’s just that padlock you see in the browser beside the web address. That’s the SSL certificate. It means that whatever you type in that website is encrypted and can be viewed only by you and the website runner.

Be on the lookout for the padlocks. That means the website has paid money to make sure no one gets the information that you type in it.

  • Reputed casino license and game makers

Real casinos, mention at the end of their website, their gaming partners and licenses. That is generally a good sign too. Below is the picture from Baazi247.com. Look out for those signs too.

  • Trust the old casino. You cannot go wrong with the old guard. They are there since the beginning and well-established and reputed to pull nonsensical drama.

Ask for a recommendation from your friends too. Many casinos have referral and sign up bonus games that both you and your friends can benefit from. If your friend is there for a long time, then you are safe there too.

Security at Baazi247.com

Baazi247.com is also an old online casino site that many people in India trust. We have dedicated teams of software writers and customer service reps to make sure that things are going smoothly.

It will be safe to say that Security at Baazi247.com is impeccable and you cannot go wrong with us.

We only partner with game producers which are recognized and venerated industry-wide. So, you can trust us.

We update our privacy policy often so that it reflects our companies’ values and customers’ wishes. You can find the privacy policy here.

We cannot say the same for other websites though. Even big ones are notorious for selling data to the third party and profiting off of it. See for yourself, Baazi247 doesn’t indulge in any of that privacy-violating dealings.

Things You Need to Do

Whatever the website might do, you are only safe if you know what you are doing as well. Here are some tips to protect yourself from being exploited in online casinos or the internet in general.

  • Don’t use the same password.

People often make the mistake of using the same password and email on multiple platforms. One of them gets breached and now you are vulnerable across the internet.

Consider using a password manager. They provide a much stronger password and same them for us. Know more about them here.

  • Try and not use your real name

Besides the places that you absolutely have to, maintain two or three pseudo names and go with them. This applies all over the internet. Refrain from using your real name and phone numbers.

  • Do not login from another device

Yes, it may look like a nice idea at first but please do not log in from other devices. You don’t know what kind of software and settings they are running. Even if it is a harmless friend, that harmless friend might be attacked by harmful enemies. As a result, you get compromised along with the site you friend.

  • Do not share your username and password

You must have heard this a thousand times so; I won’t bother explaining.

Baazi247 is one of the most trusted best online casino in India with varieties of casino games. We provide easy signups with no credit card information and have multiple games that do not need any money to play. Signup and see for yourself.

We have India’s favorite card games like real money Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, and other slots and arcade games. Exciting first-time signup bonuses are waiting for you on the other side. See you there.

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