Is it Legal to Play Online Dragon Tiger in India?

Most beginners of online gambling have a fair bit of doubt and uncertainty regarding the credibility of gambling platforms in India. I can see where they are coming from.

While land casinos are known to provide fair bets on different card games like live dragon tiger, people will, for sure, have doubts regarding online sites.

What has added to this doubt is the fact that every month, there is news of people losing their savings on fraud gambling sites in India.

Dragon Tiger is one of the popular games in online Indian casinos. While the game is very easy to play offline as well as online, how safe are you playing the game dragon tiger casino online?

It Depends…

The answer to the question always comes down to the quality of the site that you are in. While there are countless fraud sites circulating all over the internet, there are a number of good ones too. So how can you differentiate between the two? Here is what you can analyze before you join a gambling site:

Does Online Dragon Tiger Have a Gambling License?

If you are planning on playing Dragon versus Tiger online, the first thing that you must confirm is if the platform is a licensed one. If you find out that the platform does not have a gambling license, get out of there immediately.

This should be the first consideration for all the gamblers around the world. Online casino sites should be highly secure, with prompt customer service and dependability for real money online casino players. 

Is The Payment System + Data Safe and Encrypted?

All legit casinos have an encryption system for their user’s data and payment. If there is no encryption of data, there is a high chance of breaches occurring. Furthermore, the payment gateway that the platform is using must be safe and well-known.

Does The Casino Have 24/7 Customer Support?

Do check if the online casino platform has 24/7 customer support. A trusted platform’s customer support is available anytime so that any payment issues will be resolved immediately.

How are The Graphics and Interface of the Site?

Another place where you can make assessments is the interface of the platform you are in. If the graphics provided and the whole gaming interface looks sketchy, move forward with caution.

What Type of Software is Used on Online Dragon Tiger Game?

An online gambling platform needs multiple software to run Dragon Tiger and other games through their site. You can always do quick research on the credibility of the software that the platform is using.

Getting Started

Once you make sure that you are in a legal and legit gambling site, the next step is to make an account on the platform. You can play Dragon Tiger in almost all gambling sites in India, and it is possible to play the game on your laptop, smartphone as well as other mobile devices. Before you get started with the game, you must make sure you have: 

  • A stable internet connection
  • Knowledge of basic rules of the game
  • Credit Card/E-Wallet

Now that you have all the things that are essential you should:

  • Sign Up/Deposit
  • Decide your stake
  • Place the bets

Dragon Tiger Rules

The rules of Dragon Tiger are as follows:

  • Every round, the dealer draws two cards.
  • Player need to bet which card will get the highest point: Dragon or Tiger
  • If the player feels that Dragon might win, he will place the bet on the Dragon square.
  • If the player feels that Tiger might win, he will place the bet on the Tiger side.
  • You can also bet on a tie.

King is worth the most in the game of Dragon Tiger. Likewise, Aces are the smallest value card.

Dragon Tiger Gameplay

The following gameplay will help you understand the rules of the game better:

Dragon tiger gameplay

Picture 1:

The round has started. This is when you place your bet. You have to choose between Dragon, Tiger, or Tie.

Let’s suppose you bet on the Tiger side.

Note: You can bet as much money (under the game’s limit) as you desire

dragon tiger gameplay

Picture 2:

Dealer begins dealing cards from the deck. Firstly, she deals on the dragon side. The value of the card is 2.

dragon tiger gameplay

Picture 3:

Next, she deals on the Tiger side. The card on the Tiger side has value 3, which means you won.

If you had bet on the Dragon side or tie, you would have lost the round.

I hope this article was helpful for you in understanding the basic rule of Dragon Tiger. Furthermore, this article hopefully helped shed some light on how you can get started.

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dragon tiger at online casino site


You don’t fight with the dealer or other players like you do in other casino games. Predicting which hand will contain the top card is the game’s objective.

In online casinos all over the world and in Asia, Dragon Tiger is a popular game. The game’s popularity has been increased after Evolution Gaming (the leader in live dealer game development) released their own live version of Dragon Tiger. Live Dragon Tiger has hundreds of players since it is a likable game with two possible side bets.

There are tons of online casino platforms and gambling sites available that provides high amount of online games for real money with various casino bonuses and promotions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Play Live Dragon Tiger for Free?

Unfortunately, live casinos do not offer free games like Live Dragon Tiger. But, you may be able to watch others play for free in some casinos.

Should I Play the Tie Bet?

A attractive reward is offered by the Tie bet, but because to the huge house edge, experts recommend against placing it. When it comes to house advantage, the Suited Tie bet is even worse. However, it’s your call whether you’re feeling lucky.

Is There a Dragon Tiger Winning Strategy?

No, and you really shouldn’t try to do so. A fun and easy game that doesn’t take much strategy is called Dragon Tiger. You can guess the results of next turns simply because there aren’t many options available to bet on and data from past rounds.

Are Dragon Tiger and Baccarat the Same?

Although the gameplay of Dragon Tiger and Baccarat is similar, they are not the same game. Compared to Baccarat, Dragon Tiger has a significantly larger house edge.

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