Hollywood Celebrities Who Love Gambling

The love for casinos is not limited to the general public. Celebrities love engaging in real money casino games now and then. We simply cannot blame them as everyone needs some form of hobbies to take them away from the real world for a while. Moreover, celebrities can afford to lose money at casinos, unlike the general public.

We have already listed Indian celebrities who have a love for gambling. This post will focus on Hollywood celebrities and athletes who are known for their knack for visiting casinos often. While we are talking about Hollywood actors and celebrities, also check out our list of best casino-themed Hollywood movies.

Ben Affleck

The first celebrity on our list is Batman himself. Actor/director Affleck is known for his love for casino games as he has been a regular name at casinos for years. His visits became so often at one point that he had to get into rehab to get rid of his gambling addiction. This came after he lost thousands on poker games.

Reports claim that he enjoys playing blackjack online and Poker for the most part. Although probably not a regular casino-goer now, we are inclined to believe Affleck still holds the love for gambling in his heart.

Matt Damon

Another A-lister actor makes his way into our list of the casino-loving actors’ community. Matt Damon’s story is a little different. He learned to play poker for his role in the movie Rounders (an excellent movie- if you have not watched yet, watch it asap). Because he had to look professional for the role, he took lessons from the Chinese-American professional poker player, Johnny Chan.

Poker drew Damon even after his role in the movie. Now, he is a professional poker and blackjack player.

Tiger Woods

Yep, Mr. T is also a fan of casinos. Woods, who is arguably the best golfer of all time, reportedly enjoys playing Blackjack at casinos. With a net worth of more than $ 600 Million, we can assume that he probably plays games at high stakes.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is not shy to post her casino winnings on her social media. In 2014, she posted a huge stash of cash after she reportedly won around $50,000 on Blackjack games. The American media personality and businesswoman is fond of casinos and this is not the only time she has won it big at casinos tables.

Michael Jordan

Basketball GOAT Michael Jordan is known for his gambling acts. People claim he has gambled as much as $100k on a simple game of rock, paper, scissors. So of course, he has gambled in casinos. Reports claim that he has lost millions of dollars at casino tables. He once bet $300k on a single putt of golf. That tells you everything you need to know about Jordan’s obsession with gambling.

George Clooney

We are sure you saw George Clooney in the Oceans 11, 12, and 13 movies around casinos, but what if we told you that is not the only time he has been in casinos?

Clooney is an avid casino-goer. At one point in his career, he almost invested in his own casino in Nevada. The idea of Las Ramblas Resort sadly did not come to fruition. However, this clearly shows the love Clooney has for casino games and casinos in general.

Derren Brown

British magician Derren Brown is no stranger to gambling. Reports claim that he has never lost a single hand in a game. Take this with a grain of salt as there is no official way to verify this claim. Moreover, many casinos have banned Brown from playing at their casinos because- well he is a magician. Who knows what he has up his sleeves!

50 Cent

Rapper Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent is also known for his involvement in casino games. Although he has been spotted around casinos, sports betting is more of his cup of tea. He enjoys betting on football and boxing matches. Furthermore, he is reportedly very lucky and wins most of his bets.

Pamela Anderson

American actress Pamela Anderson enjoyed playing at casinos in her prime. She lost around $250,000 playing in a casino in Las Vegas in 2007. There are no reports of Anderson playing casino games now but she has had a fair share of casino experience in her days.

Apart from these celebrities who love gambling on this list, there are several other famous actors and athletes who enjoy timely casino visits. Charles Barkley, Brad Pitt, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Charlie Sheen, and Ray Romano are some of the names we missed on the list.

Visiting casinos is hard for celebrities. People might recognize them on their way or inside the casinos. Hence, many opt for online casino games. Although they play anonymously, there have been multiple reports of celebrities taking part in online casino table games.

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