Caribbean Stud Poker Collusion Possible or Not?

Live Caribbean stud poker with dealers is a fun way to play one of the most popular table games on your phone or laptop. When you’re playing Caribbean stud, it might make you feel like you’re at a casino. The live Caribbean stud may also be played with your buddies. Simply join the same table at a live dealer casino as your party.

It’s even possible to collude during hands using this configuration. Everyone has the opportunity to share their personal values and learn more about them. Will it, however, make a difference? The following tutorial delves more into the fundamentals of live Caribbean stud collusion and whether it will provide profits in the long run.

What is Collusion?

Collusion is cheating in which two or more participants collaborate. Collusion can refer to any illegal cheating by two or more players. Chip Dumping, stacking a Cold Deck, and communicating hands through signals or another language are all examples of collusion.

How does Collusion work?

You can only view your five-card hand and one of the dealer’s cards when playing Caribbean stud at a live casino table or any other table. You are not permitted to disclose your card readings with anybody at the table. This game, on the other hand, is intended to provide little information.
Colluders collaborate with other players to solve this information gap. You may discuss card values and learn whether to raise or fold. Of course, you are not permitted to share card hands with your tablemates. For flashing your card values to others, you’ll be promptly booted out of a land-based casino.

How to Collude on Caribbean Stud Poker?

Caribbean stud colluders usually use complex hand signals and gestures. These signals inform everyone about what the other players are holding. Based on James Grosjean’s MAK system, here’s what information colluders share:

  • M (Matches) — A group of cards corresponding to the dealer’s upcard (ranges from 0-3).
  • A (Aces) – The squad will have anything from 0 to 4 aces.
  • K (Kings) – The squad will have anything from 0 to 4 kings.

Sharing information on these cards is limited. Everyone on the team must also understand what to do with the information.

Now, here are the steps you and your colleagues should do in various situations:

If M is equal to zero, you can only raise with a higher pair than the dealer’s upcard (like for example 9-9 vs. 7).
You should increase if M = 3 and A & K are 7 or 8.

A squad with impeccable collaboration can acquire a 2.38 percent advantage over the casino. This statistic is far better than the 5.225 percent house edge you’ll face if you don’t collude.

The goal, though, is to occupy all seven seats with comrades. To defeat the casino, you’ll need seven players to share hand information.

If there are just six people at the table, the house has a 0.40% advantage. While this house edge virtually puts you on equal footing with the casino, you’re still looking at a long-term losing proposition.

Does it work?

As previously stated, the purpose of Caribbean stud collusion is to get a 2.38% edge over the casino. In this instance, with significant playing volume and enough bets, your team may make a lot of money.

This method is well known among live dealer gambling sites. They are aware that their structure prevents them from monitoring colluders.

However, live dealer casinos will never provide seven seats. In reality, many studios only provide one-on-one games, which eliminates any possibility of collusion.

Even if they have the advantage, live casinos do not appreciate colluders. They can utilize software to detect abnormalities in multi-seat table play.

Is it feasible to accomplish this feat at a live dealer casino?

No, you cannot have the same benefit in live casinos. A casino may also restrict a group of gamblers if they detect collusion. This situation is unlikely, but it is possible.


Collusion is a sort of cheating in which two or more parties work together to bridge a knowledge gap. Live Caribbean stud colluders communicate about what the other players are holding using intricate hand signals and gestures, yet it is feasible to conspire in this game. The goal of Caribbean stud collusion is to get a 2.38 percent advantage over the house. This figure is considerably superior to the 5.225 percent house edge you would face if you do not collaborate. You’ll need seven players to share hand knowledge in order to beat the casino.

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