Biggest Online Casino Winners of 2020

In our previous article, we discussed the biggest winners at casinos – land as well as online. This article is solely dedicated to the biggest online casino winners. While most people play at online casinos for entertainment, there have been countless cases of people getting lucky and winning unimaginable amounts of money on jackpots and other games. Granted, we are not the ones winning the money, but it is always great to read about the winners.  

People winning at online casinos is a fairly new thing. The rise in online casino players has only been happening for the past couple of years. Now that people have developed trusts in online casinos, we are hearing more and more news of people winning it big at online casinos. In 2020, there were dozens of big winners all over the world. Among them, we have listed out the top winners.

Keep in mind that most of the big winners at casinos want to remain anonymous. Hence, although we are able to obtain the prize money, the winner’s details are unavailable in most cases. Keeping that in mind, let’s look at the biggest online casino wins so far.

Mega Moolah Winner (2020)

An online casino player won a massive jackpot of $20,057,734 in January of 2020. The player won the money through the Mega Moolah Slot game at This was the biggest win recorded at an online casino in 2020.

Swedish Winner (2020)

A lucky Swedish player won a total of €14,239,532.84 which is roughly $17 million. This is one of the biggest wins in recent history and the event took place fairly recently on August 7th of 2020.

He won the impressive sum on a slot machine game.

Jackpot Winner (2020)

A player walked out from an online casino with $12,945,603, or almost $13 million in 2020. This is the third-highest amount won in 2020. He/she won the money on a Mega Moolah slot game.

$3.5 Million Winner (2020)

An anonymous player won $3.5 Million on a Mega Fortune Dream slot machine in 2020. This win came on the same day as the previous Jackpot winner of $12 Million.

New Jersey Winner

A woman in New Jersey won $278,802 on the SugarHouse Online Casino. She had just bet $2 on the Divine Fortune slot machine to win the amount.

Gary M from New Jersey

A player who goes by Gary M won $230,552 in the same casino as before- Hard Rock Online Casino in 2020. The slot game he played to win the impressive sum was ‘Lock It Link Night Life.’

These were all the biggest online casino winners of 2020. There have been several other famous wins at online casinos in the past. The Anonymous ‘Peter’ win is a prime example. The Norwegian players ‘Peter’ hit the jackpot for 11.7 million Norwegian Krone when playing at an online casino. Moreover, currently, the Guinness world record is held by a Canadian customer who won 18 million Euros playing at Grand Mondial’s online casino in 2018. Previously, the record was held by a British player who won in 2015.

People are still not aware of the possibility of making millions by playing at online casinos. Most people don’t trust online casinos. However, due to the advancement in technology, recently playing at online casinos is as safe as playing on land casinos if you know where to play.  

As you saw with most of the big winners, they generally win huge sums on slot games, arcade games, and jackpot games. This does not mean that there are no big winners at other online casino games like Blackjack and Baccarat. Furthermore, most of the winners on the list are from outside India. Don’t let this give you the wrong idea that there are no winners in India.

Most of the big winners in India want to remain anonymous. At Baazi247, there have been several big winners over the years. However, the winners ask us to keep their identity a secret and so we are bound to keep the information a secret. Hence, don’t let this post fool you into thinking Indians rarely win big money at online casinos.  

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