New to Online Gambling? Stay Away from these five rookie mistakes.

During this unprecedented time of COVID-19, online gambling in India has gathered a lot of new fans. The surge in new players is always a good thing for online casinos and the whole gambling industry; however, with the rise of new players, there has also been an increase in rookie mistakes from the players. Whether it is entering a live online casino game without knowing the rules of casino games or losing all money on their bank account, more and more newcomers are having a bad experience with online gambling at recent times.

This article is specially designed for those who are just beginning their online gambling journey. 

We get it- starting your online casino journey can be overwhelming. Moreover, if you haven’t played any casino games in the past, it can be further challenging to get used to the nature of the online casino games. That is why we are here to help.

Avoiding The wrong casino.

The first mistake on our list is choosing the casino which is not right for the players. Let’s make one thing clear-there are as many fraud casinos online as there are legit ones. So, it is no surprise that some new players fall victim to scams. 

Newcomers get attracted by the exciting bonuses that some casinos might offer, and they join the site without further research. The too good to be true bonuses are there just to lure the players in. This does not mean that all bonuses are scams. However, you must know what kind of bonuses are over the line and what kind makes sense.

So, always make sure you are on a legit and licensed site before creating an account on the platform. Also, every casino offers different games. Hence, choosing the casinos with the right games for you is the best move for any beginner.

Not knowing the rules.

There are a large number of games available at online casinos that you might have already played in the land casinos or with family. However, the rules might have changed in the online version of the game.

We have seen people joining online casinos games like Teen Patti and Online andar bahar game without proper research on the game rules. Granted- most game rules remain the same, but there might be significant changes in the bets and regulations in some cases. Before you join any game at online casinos, go through the game’s rules and the available bets.  

Additionally, if you have never played a casino game online, you can start with the game’s online version first instead of the live versions. Some casinos have a demo feature for their games where players can play without actual money bets. The demo always comes in handy when you are new as you can understand the rules and bets of the game before playing with real money.

Hence, know the rules of the game you are about to play. There might be some changes to the rules, and you don’t want to find out about that when you are playing the game for real money.

Betting Big on First Few Games

“Go Big or Go Home” sounds appealing, but it is not the right mentality to have in most cases. Some beginners bet big on their first few games and, most of the time, lose all their money in no time.

We urge every new player to start with small bets. This way, you understand the flow of the games every round. Only bet big if you can afford to. For example, you can bet big once you have enough winnings to cover for the big bet.

Start with the lowest possible bets and gradually increase the betting amount once you start to win the rounds.

Getting Lost in the Excitement.

Every month, there are cases of players getting too excited and losing all their funds in just a few games. Although this is common among beginners, sometimes intermediates and experts also can’t stay from this mistake.

Most online casino games are fast paced, some more than others. There is very little time in between the rounds, as a result of which people forget to keep their bankroll in check. Since the rounds finish so fast, sometimes players don’t know what is happening with their bankroll. The funds finish in no time, and people are confused about what happened.

We get it- online casino games are exciting. However, don’t let the excitement turn into despair due to this easily avoidable mistake.

Not Knowing When to Quit

Not knowing when to quit can lead to players losing their winnings. This is one of the most common occurrences in online casinos.

There is a reason why greed is among the seven deadly sins. When you are winning, you want to make more, and when you lose, you want to compensate for your losses. When people are on a winning streak, they bet more than they can afford and end up losing everything. Furthermore, we have also seen people depositing further funds after they lose so that they can make up what they lost initially. This is a bad practice as there is no guarantee that you will win the second time around.

Gamble responsibly and know when you should quit a game. Always stop when you are in profit.

These are some common rookie mistakes that beginners often make at online casinos for real money. If you are new, take all the possible errors in mind and play accordingly. Remember that the online casino experience can go sideways in no time with just one mistake from your side. Therefore, it is always a good idea to avoid these most common mistakes as much as you can.  

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