5 Baccarat Myths: Debunked

Baccarat, also known as Punto Banco or Chemin De Fer is one of the most beloved games in the casino sphere. It is an old game played in 19th century France and it is pronounced as “Ba-car-aa”. Here in Baazi247 too, there is a lot of traffic for both live dealers and Random Number Baccarat.

Since the olden times, people have been trying to figure out how not to lose money in card games and maximize their wins. For the card game as old as Baccarat, there is no shortage of misconceptions that are perpetuated. In this article, we will try to look at the myths surrounding the game of Baccarat.

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With that out of the way, let’s get into the matter at hand, Baccarat myths.

Game for the Rich

With everything French, maybe it’s the accent that we get intimidated by, we think it’s fancy and not for regular Joe. The same goes for Live dealer baccarat. There is this huge misconception in the Gambling community that Baccarat is the game only for High rollers and big ballers.

Good news, it’s not. Well, in land casinos it depends on the table. Yes, there are tables with high minimums but in online casinos, it is an affordable game for the majority of the public like any other card-based game.

So, this myth that Baccarat is not for the public was true in old days in France as this was the beloved game of the Aristocrats. However, now in 2021, it’s not. Everyone with good taste in gambling can play.

Baccarat is Hard to Learn

Well, this is an extension of the earlier myth that Baccarat is the game for the elites. Naturally, people believed that the game is hard to learn and needs special skills to play.

However, it is the furthest thing from the truth. Here at Baazi247 blog, we have written extensively to help you navigate the beautiful game of Baccarat. Here is an example.

To our Indian audience, this game is similar to beloved Andar Bahar. To put it simply, Andar Bahar is watered down Baccarat.

Double your Wager

The “double your wager” myth or better known as the Martingale system is the best gambling strategy that never was. Gamblers over the years have tried to come up with ways to reduce losses and increase their winning chances.

Then they came up with the Martingale System. This of course wasn’t the answer, but the community so focused on offsetting losses took it anyway.

Here is how it works. When you lose a dollar, then wager 2. You lost two bucks, wager four. You lose four bucks, wager 8. Lose 8, wager 16.

You get the point. Wager in such a way that you get back what you lost and even get some profit.

However, it looks like it works on its face, but there are a couple of problems.

Number one, around the world casinos, there is a maximum wager you can put. Say you were applying Martingale, you went up to $5000, now following the system you need to wager $10,000 but the casino has capped a one-time bet at $5000. So there goes the effectiveness of this system.

Number two, you need a high bankroll. To do Martingale, there is no going around it, you need cash. Enough cash to double your wager every time you lose. Even when doing that you are not guaranteed a return.

This is not the way to go.

Baccarat Has More House Edge

Baccarat house edge is the following:

Player bet: 1.24%

Banker bet: 1.06%

Tie bet:14.36%

This is all that you need to know. There is always some level of the house edge in every game. Baccarat is no different. This myth that Baccarat has a greater house edge is nonsensical.

Look at that Tie bet though. It has a great return, make no mistake. Depends on the casino but it gives about a 14:1 return in most online casinos.

But the house has greater odds against us. Yes, it has a terrific return but seldom pays off. That is precisely why the house has given us such a great return.

Anyway, the myth that Baccarat has more house edge is not true. It is on par with other card games.

Switch between Banker and Player

This is another one of the myths that people believe that to win in Baccarat you should switch constantly between banker and player.

It is one of the so-called “strategies” of the game.

This is the same as a number that is hot and cold in Roulette. People believe when Banker is hot, you should continue to bet on the Banker. Similar for the Player.

The thing is, like most of the card games, the earlier hand doesn’t have anything to do with the current hand. The whole idea about a Banker or a Player being “hot” or “cold” and you need to switch between them is stupid.

 The mathematics of probability resets after a hand is done and a new one begins. There is no hot or cold hand. Bet as you will, know about the house edges and that’s about it.

So, this has been 5 myths about the card game Baccarat.

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