Avoid Being Sucker at the Casino Table

Sucker Bets

A sucker bet is a gambling wager in which estimated comeback does not replicate the odds of winning and is considerably lower. It has a very large house edge. It is the top money earner for the casinos.

Sucker bets always tempted the new players by promising the high possible payouts.  One of the major sucker bets is captivating insurance in blackjack. Variants that are included in Sucker Bet are below:

Parlay One bet ticket written with at least two wagers (all must-win for the ticket to cash).

Teaser: A sucker wager that allows bettors to add and subtract points from posted odds.

Exotic: Any wager other than a straight bet or parlay (also referred to as a proposition or prop).

There are probably more money-changing hands in the gambling world. Many of those exchanges are in the form of wagers and sadly many of those wagers are what the experts call sucker bets and that’s why we usually don’t win the game but just what the sucker bet is. There are three kinds of sucker bets in the casino:

1. Dumb: A dumb bet is where a person will go in and make a bet in a game they don’t understand. (Playing with no knowledge of the game).

2. Dumber: It is the second kind of sucker bet where a person takes a bet which is a really high casino advantage bet. (Playing a game with a high house advantage).

3.  Dumbest: It is the third kind of sucker bet which is most serious the dumbest bet of all. (Betting more than you can afford to lose).

Avoid being a sucker at a casino table

·      You must have money management knowledge to avoid being a sucker at the casino table. Paying attention to money management while playing baccarat, blackjack, poker, etc is a very important part while gambling at the casino tables. This will help you to lead every betting move in a cunning way. Good money management will reduce the chances of extreme losses.

– Understanding the house advantage is another important key to avoid being a sucker at the casino table. It is simply explained as the casino advantage which exists on every table game. 

– Look for a game where the house edge is as small as possible. You might have to do a little study on this. The top three games you can play with a house edge or house advantage is 1% or less would be craps, blackjack, and baccarat.

– You need to be patient while playing any games and betting on the table. It is a key to winning an account.

– Keeping emotional control brings success. It will allow you to make calm and rational decisions. Decisions should be guided by thought, not by emotions.

– If you have an imperfect idea about wagers and odds then you will be a victim of sucker bets.

– Never follow blindly the market trends without understanding the game you are wagering.

– You have to look around for better odds.

– Avoid increasing your standard betting amount. In other words, avoid betting more when you are on a winning streak.

– The best way to avoid the sucker bets is to know what they bring about and adopting rational choices while betting.

– If you are playing baccarat then you need to stay away from the tie bet.

– Always find value before betting.

– Never buy insurance while you are at a blackjack table.

– For poker tables always look for smaller rakes. The lower the rake, the better chance a player has at profit.

– It is a bet that expects to yield a lower return than the value of the actual wager which means loss.

These are the keys to avoid making sucker bets but there is one more thing you should be aware of before you select a casino game to play as a general rule in casinos the games that require no skill and no knowledge whatsoever have the highest house edge.

It is said that Roulette is a sucker game. Roulette is not a game worth playing, this kind of thinking fooled many players. Because of the house edge, lots of people believe that in Roulette game players are implausible to walk away from a winner. One of the best strategies to play Roulette is, you should bet lower at the house edge, this will lead you to the chance to be one lucky sucker.   

There are quite a few sucker bets in blackjack disregarding actually playing. All the side bets are sucker bets. There are some cases where it’s worth it to play the side bets and that’s if you are counting cards or have some sort of counting system. In other cases sticking in a regular blackjack is the best one.

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