5 Ways Players Cheat on Online Poker

Poker has been one of the top-tier games when it comes to casinos and gambling. It is a fun game to play, and the online version has various advantages, including ease and flexibility for participants. You may play online poker against players from all around the world without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Before you get carried away with the excitement of online gaming, you should be aware that there are possible hazards that you must be aware of in order to prevent being deceived. We will walk you through five various ways you might be tricked when playing internet poker in this detailed tutorial.

Collaboration with Other Players

This is an agreement made by two or more players in order to outwit and defeat their opponent. A team of players tries to gain money by cooperating and working on many areas of the game such as sharing their hole cards, sparing each other, and checking down a hand according to a strategy. It’s frequent in both online and live poker games.

This might end in entirely controlling the game and changing its direction in favor of or cooperating with players. Other players can be duped into losing significant sums in order to boost the stakes. Sharing knowledge and cooperating offers an unfair advantage that may easily determine who wins.

However, research indicates that collusion is more likely in lower-money games since it is difficult to keep this type of game continuing without making a mistake or being caught. The combined hands must be played flawlessly, and the amount of money gained must be large enough to justify distributing it among numerous partner players. Does this sound like a headache?

There will be incidents of cheating as long as poker and other internet games exist. It’s human nature to strive to beat the system or discover an easier way to make great money. The bulk of cheating tactics is readily identified, while some are simply not worth it. Will you attempt to cheat the next time you lose?

Multi Accounting

We all do it in a variety of industries. Why wouldn’t we do the same with online poker? Creating several accounts, also known as multi-accounting, indicates that one individual is playing poker from many accounts in the same poker room at the same time, which is strictly prohibited due to the deposit offers.

By permitting just one real money profile per individual, poker companies attempt to manage their users’ accounts. Logically, each individual receives their own welcome bonus and other perks, which is why multi-accounting is prohibited. If one individual takes two, five, or six bonuses, they will be in a significantly better position than the other participants.

The same thing might happen if someone plays the same event with several accounts, giving them an unfair edge over the rest. Online casinos deal with this issue by using a variety of security measures, such as demanding an ID from a new player or verifying their players’ IP addresses to prohibit the one that appears twice in the game. They also do normal investigations, especially if you win, and you may easily be disqualified if there is evidence that you have been using two accounts, which will result in the closure of both. It’s unlawful and considered a scam, yet it will continue to happen until someone is found. This is an issue for both poker websites and other players, but it is a far greater one for online websites, which is why they fight it so hard.

Use of Bots

Utilizing bots entails using artificial intelligence, or in other words, computer programs to generate bogus profiles that use a specific algorithm designed specifically to find trends for winning. These pieces can be used to compete against other human opponents or against computer software, but they will only provide a profit in the long run. This implies that your bot is only profitable if you take the average result from 100 poker hands and it displays a profit.

It may appear appealing to utilize bots instead of spending countless hours playing the game when you can just turn on the software and wait for it to unlock deposits and other benefits. The fact is that this is not a good approach to making money since the game is primarily unexpected and cannot be exclusively relied on quantitative calculations and algorithms. It is critical to continually learn and develop new techniques, which a bot can accomplish to a certain extent.

From there, the bot may be easily defeated by a human opponent. The benefits of utilizing a bot include the fact that the bot has no emotions and does not fatigue. The bot also cannot act unreasonably, and the bot does not dread taking risks when they are appropriate.

It is important to understand that using poker bots is illegal and outlawed on all online poker websites; nonetheless, there are still certain examples of poker bots because developing and selling these programs is not unlawful. Some claim that it’s simple to tell when you’re playing against a bot by observing the same moves, timing, or repeats.


Ghosting is the practice of offering guidance from one poker player to another during a poker game or tournament. While this is against the rules in live events, it might be difficult to police in online tournaments. Ghosting can occur when a buddy sits next to the poker player and joins him in the event.

Ghosting at poker is more common online, thanks to free technologies like Skype or Teamviewer. It is possible to send real-time images of one computer screen (displaying the poker table with the hole cards) to another computer screen (where the “ghost” or coach is seated) using Teamviewer and, more recently, directly using Skype. A poker expert has the benefit of being able to consult with his “ghost” before making a decision. Furthermore, having a live expert considerably minimizes the danger of tilt.

Ghosting is most commonly utilized in the late stages of high-stakes online poker tournaments. It is extremely common for players to strike it rich and make it to the final table. A coach can assist them to win thousands of dollars in this instance.

Although this is perhaps the most prevalent way of cheating in online poker, the harm done to opponents by ghosting is rather minimal, as a player has no other unfair edge over the other players save the “second opinion.”


In a poker game, if a player can see his opponents’ hole cards, he can avoid losing any hand. Such players will know just when to fold, raise, or go all in, giving them a better chance of winning.

When you play online at a poker site, the operator only gives you your hole cards, while the hole cards of other players are stored on the poker server, which you normally do not have access to. This ensures that the game is fair and that all participants have an equal chance of winning.

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