5 Things not to do at a Casino

We all know the basics of things that should be done and that shouldn’t. Whether it’s a place you are familiar with or not, there are things you do and things you don’t.

For our Baazigars, we present you with some of the acts that you should completely avoid which can help you to be a casino’s favorite pick. Whether it’s a new casino that you have been for the first time or the casino that you usually go to, do take a note about these 5 things not to do at a Casino

Treat Other Gamblers and Casino Employees Disrespectfully

One of the most unforgivable mistakes a new gambler usually makes on treating the other gamblers and casino employees disrespectfully. It is a basic need to treat everyone respectfully to be a good person. The same goes in casinos.

It is safe to say that Money makes people do crazy things when they win or lose a huge amount. Whether you lose or win is up to you but you should not let the money get the best and the worst of you. When gamblers lose money, the logical response is to acknowledge that most games require luck. At some point, everyone will lose.

However, certain gamblers choose to cast logic aside and blame other players or even dealers for their misfortunes. Less experienced gamblers tend to engage in this unfortunate practice more often than other types of players.

Sometimes, ignorance is a legitimate excuse. However, when it comes to launching verbal attacks at casino employees or other players, pleading ignorance won’t cut it.

Be Intoxicated

Once again there’s a saying that Alcohol always get the best of you. It is good to have alcohol for some good time but the constant habit of consuming alcohol can take your life down. It is also safe to say that being intoxicated can deviate you from gambling responsibly.

Some players have the habit of abusing free drinks at the casino. This behavior is strict harm to the drinkers themselves. What they don’t realize is that it can cause you to disturb others, create a sense of arrogance in yourself and even lose more money than ever.

Ignore Table Etiquette

Beginners often struggle early in their gambling experience due to the large volume of information they must consume in a short time frame. Not only do they have to learn how to play a variety of casino games, each one has its own table rules or etiquette that you must abide by. Sometimes, ignoring these pieces of table etiquette can be just as ill-advised as ignoring basic rules.

Luckily for new players, most table etiquette applies to every game in the casino, and it’s quite easy to learn. Those who repeatedly ignore the rules and break etiquette are simply discourteous players. At some point, most beginners will make a mistake and violate the rules of a particular table game. If the violation is innocuous, you’ll likely receive nothing more than a casual warning from the dealer.

However, certain infractions are much more serious and can result in players being kicked off a casino’s premises.

Unorganized Cash

It is always better to organize your cash and go to the casino. By doing so you will save enough. Remember unorganized cash will always be lost. How?

Let’s make it clear, when you organize cash you will know the total cash you have for the purpose to spend on. If you don’t do so, you will spend your entire bank balance on the things you have interest in and later have non on the things you need.

For example: If you have Rs 50,000 that you have with you for the casino. Separate and segregate into different bundles for each game you want to play. Keep track of the finances and play it accordingly. This will help you to become better at gambling and be organized.

Most of the players do not take an account of how they play which results in creating losses and financial instability.

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Act amateur

The most important point to take into consideration is to act professional and not an amateur. Being amateur causes quite of loss. Amateurs is not just about how much experience you have on the field but also a state of personality.

Being an amateur is not necessarily inexperienced but also a mentality and acting towards it, being unable to act or play professionally with ethics and dignity.

Characteristics of Amateur

  • Amateurs bets on hunches or feelings
  • Amateurs remember the exciting bets, the big wins, the near-misses, the “you wouldn’t believe how unlucky I was” bets and forget the dull ones that weren’t for big stakes or never really looked like winning
  • Professionals are honest about how they’re doing. They don’t think in terms of luck. If you find yourself thinking about how unlucky you’ve been you’re probably an amateur
  • Amateurs bet too big and don’t think about the probability of going bust. They vary their bets according to how much money they have in their pocket at the time. If pushed they’d probably guess that Kelly Criterion is some kind of reality TV personality.
  • Amateurs bet with feeling and emotion.
  • Amateurs try to pick winners. As a result, amateurs will actually often have a higher percentage of winning bets than professionals but will still lose money while the pros win
  • Amateurs get pleasure from the betting itself and do not think about making a living betting.

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