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Which Number Hits The Most In Roulette?

Online Roulette India is one of the greatest casino games there is. It is also considered as “Heart of The Casino”. It draws some of the most outstanding and as well as harmful advice in all of casino gambling. It’s a ritualistic game, which gives it spiritual importance.

Depending on whether you’re playing a European or American-style game, a roulette wheel features 37 or 38 numbers. If you knew which of those numbers hit the most frequently, you could build an elegant roulette betting strategy around wagers that included those frequently occurring numbers.

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If you’re asking which roulette numbers have the highest frequency of occurrence, it implies you’re thinking about roulette strategically. That’s great news. However, it also indicates that you may be falling prey to an age-old fallacy popular among gamblers.

Live Roulette online real money results are independent random occurrences — each of the 37 or 38 numbers on the board has the same chance of appearing on the following spin as any other.
We will be looking further at which number hits the most in roulette in this article.


If you ask any dealer about the most popular number in roulette is, they would undoubtedly say 17. The 17 pockets has also been the site of several incredible historical roulette victories, which might be part of the fascination.

Mike Ashley & 17

In 2008, Mike Ashley, the owner of Newcastle United Football Club, was gambling at a Mayfair private casino. He made a “full bet,” which comprised all splits, corners, streets, and six-line bets that contained 17, and for good measure, he also placed a straight bet on 17. On that single spin, he won £1.3 million.

Sean Connery

Ashley may have believed that 17 was a fortunate number for him because it had been for Sean Connery. In 1962, the year before his historic roulette victory, the actor had just catapulted to popularity as James Bond in Dr. No. The plot is well-suited to his fortunate fortune in securing such a position.
According to legend, Connery was gambling at the Casino de la Vallee in Saint-Vincent, Italy, when he bet five times on the number 17. He lost the first two spins, but he persisted. He was lucky on the third spin, and he won. The gods smiled at him as he bet all of his fresh winnings on 17 and won again.

Connery then tested fate once more, putting all of his winnings back on 17 for one more round which he also won instead of simply walking away. The likelihood of this occurring is 50,653:1. He walked away with more than $27,000 (which would be more than $228,000 today).


The number 7 is also quite popular, most likely because it is regarded as lucky or important in major world civilizations. Do you recall the Seven Wonders of the World? We even plan our weeks around the fact that there are seven days in a week. There are seven continents in the world as well.

Furthermore, it is a substantial number in the majority of major religions:
There are seven heavens and seven lesser realms in Hinduism. The Vedas mention seven chakras as well.

The newborn infant Buddha rose and made seven steps in Buddhism, and there are seven components of enlightenment.

God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh, according to the Book of Genesis. In addition, Judaism has seven high holy days in its calendar.

The number seven is associated with the four corners of the Earth as well as the Holy Trinity in the New Testament.

Throughout the Book of Revelation, the number seven is also prominently used in the New Testament (seven seals, seven angels, seven trumpets, and so on).

The Quran references seven heavens, and Muslim pilgrims doing the Hajj walk seven times around the Kaaba in Mecca.

Another reason it could be popular is that it is a prime number, and primes are typically seen to be exceptional. We can’t separate them neatly, so they appear more different or unique.


This is another often-used number. After all, “good things come in threes.” It’s also considered fortunate in Chinese numerology since the word san sounds close to the phrase for “birth” or “life.” It also symbolizes the three stages of life: birth, marriage, and death.

So, which number hits the best on online roulette india for you? Test and try yourself on the number 1 online casino in india. If you want to know more about roulette check our roulette tutorials and blogs.


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