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Scratch cards or scratch coupons are pretty old gambling concepts. You would see them mostly in your grocery store, or state fairs. You could buy the ability to scratch cards and underneath you could win the prizes. You can play scratch card games with more real money casino games at our online casino. Like most of the games, scratch games have evolved too. In this article, we will look at all that plus how you can play these games in India.

Scratch Cards: Evolution

There were times when a player used to pay for every scratch. Say for a cent or a paisa you could scratch one bubble from a paper consisting of many such bubbles. In that bubble, you would find some code or number that would correspond to the prizes you won.

Mainly “Try Again” or “Free Scratch”, such prizes would come. You would scratch again and so on.

But now, things are slightly different. The scratch cards are mainly theme-based and not so boring and straightforward as before. The best scratch cards feature a character, a certain story, and mega bonuses.

The idea, however, remains the same. The new generation of scratch cards depends on the combination of result that you scratch produces.

It would be incredibly hard for me to make you understand right now about every scratch card. Case in point, they all vary from each other and so does their winning percentage.

Shift to Online

With the majority of games in casinos shifting online, we can play scratch cards online as well. Every different gambling websites have their flavor of scratch cards available.

These online scratch cards are in more line with slot games. The winnings depend on the combination that you get after the scratch.

We have many varieties of scratch cards available here at, which we will discuss later.

Scratch Cards: Best Use

Many online casinos get you bonuses that are great for you to spend on scratch cards. Many veteran online casino players spend a little money trying their hand at scratch cards before they head onto the big cards table. They get the general sense of luck they have that day by trying different scratch cards.

The reason behind this is that they are incredibly simple and fun to play. There is no skill or strategy required. The playing costs are also very low.

Other scratch card players are the ones who are in between the games or waiting for their friends to join in. It is everybody’s favorite pass time in online casinos.

If and when you sign up at Baazi247, to play the best online scratch cards in India, make sure you use your bonuses here. Get to know the place and general feel on somebody else’s dime.

To help you accommodate better, we have demo games as well. Make sure you don’t skip them and see them before you invest your money in them.

Games at

Fruit Blast

First off, fruit blast is one of the most adored scratch games in Baazi247. The game is fruit-themed and is very easy to play.

You get to scratch to reveal the fruits, move the fruits around to match them. Think of it like scratch cards met candy crush.

You will have loads of fun playing it.

Here is a screenshot of how the actual game looks like.

7 Piggies 25000

As fruit blast was fruit-themed, 7 piggies are pigs and piglets themed. The game is rather similar to fruit blast. Here you can purchase the scratches in bulk and spend some quality time with the piggies.

Here is a screenshot.

Panda Gold 50000

As you might have guessed now, yes, it is a panda-themed scratch game. However, don’t get mistaken on the fact that they are all different games. They have different winning combinations among them, and they payout differently.

Say, for example, 50 games of Panda Gold costs you about INR. 1500, whereas 50 games of 7 Piggies sets you back about INR. 750.

So obviously, Panda Gold pays out better than 7 Piggies. Our experts suggest you not commit to only one scratch game. Instead, shop around and enjoy other games as well.

Here is a screenshot from the game, Panda Gold 50000.

Diamond Strike 250000

This is what you would consider a slot game-esque scratch card game. This has a higher payout than others. Instead of pulling the lever like in a slot machine, you would scratch them off.

Here is a screenshot, see if you are interested.

Hot Safari

This is a Safari or African-themed spin-off of Diamond Strike 250000. You would find African animals like Lion and Meerkat appearing. It is visually pleasing, to say the least.

Here is a screenshot.

Queen of Gold

This would be your go-to Scratch Card game if you are a beginner. The prices are pretty cheap and you get a very nice idea of how to play online scratch cards.

This game is Egypt-themed and by Queen, the game developers surely mean the famous Cleopatra.

Here is a screenshot. is the licensed casino and our license provider is Malta Gambling Authority.

We have many exciting card games like Andar Bahar online game, live dragon tiger games and other popular games. Players can have more attractive features and rewards by joining online at our online casino.

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